On the Run II

Carson allowed her self to be moved but didnt drop the shield. Rayne followed and moved with them. As gus caught up. Seeing they were having trouble starting the van carson olaced her hand on it. It rumbled to life. The shield flickered but then held. "we must go." she breathed and reached for gus leaning on him as they got into the van. Rayne gave carson a worried look. "gus we need to go.. She wont droo the shield till we are gone..if he hits it again it might take more out of her then she has. "

Hunter had the girls in the van, followed by Gus. Jackson and his team laid down some cover fire before he, Kelli, and Billy jumped into the vehicle. Daniel pumped and fired one last grenade at the creature before he too jumped in.

“Go go go!” Hunter exclaimed. “What the hell was that thing?”

“I think I finally have seen my first alien!” Billy shouted. He was beside himself with excitement.

“It’s only going to get worse,” Jackson explained. “The earth as we know it is in danger.”

Jackson tried to avoid the confused look Hunter was flashing at him at the moment. He had lied to his son years ago disclaiming all the reports about UFOs.

“I assume,” Jackson continued as the van sped off, forcing the car driven by Jen Hitchcock to swerve into a telephone pole, “this was one of the Kaka aliens.”

“Shit aliens?” Billy inquired, using the only reference he knew of kaka. “If heard of people being full of shit, and shitty people, but I’ve never heard of shit aliens!”

“One of the Greys alerted me to our present danger,” Jackson added, looking at Carson. “And how do you figure in all this, my dear?”

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