Stars and cars 3

"That one!" He motioned for her to look through the telescope. "I remember studying this one. It doesn't have an official name, NASA just gives stars and their planets a sort of serial number made of numbers and letters. This one is P3X-1138. But I gave it a name so I could remember: Terrence."

The corner of her mouth twitched up in a amused smile." that is ever terrence is a interesting name." she looked up into the sky. Just barley, if you looked, the naked eye could make out the two stars that she was so familiar with...suns really. She pointed them out to him. " do you know of zeta?" she asked.


They quickly ran back outside for fear of the whole mine caving in on them. They listened as the car crashed into something, no doubt some old elevator leading to a deep shaft, which caused a cave-in that echoed through the main chamber before fading into the night. A puff of dust erupted from the cave as a final climax to the whole affair. With that finally done, it was time return to the Gas-N-Go to finish cleaning the store and divvy up the four million dollars to each of them.

The ride back was uncomfortably silent...

Rayne thanked him once they got to her car. " you wanna go over to gus's and ill follow you? I dont know how to get there" he agreed ad she followed them in her truck. The came to a trailer where Carson and gus were standing in the yard heads back looking at the stars. Weird people those two.

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