Gus peered through the telescope. "Huh that's... that's..." He turned and looked at her with a confused look on his face. "Wait...What did you call it? And the other star??? Are you...?"

Gus was cut off by the arrival of Vargas and Rayne.

Carson looked away as the other two came forward. She joined back up with Rayne. " hey you i was worried" Rayne said carson looked back to gus with a knowing gaze " i was talking with gus about space" Rayne raised a brow but let it go.

He looked to Carson. "Look, whoever... whatever you are... I'd get away from that friend of yours. Nothing good is going to come of that money..." He marched into his trailer and closed the door.

The girls watched him go. Rayne was alittle offended. Carson looked as if she wanted to follow him.

"Gus! Come on!" Vargas
shouted. But Gus didn't respond. Varga's features visibly drooped and his shoulders slumped. "...Dammit..." Then he looked to Carson and Rayne. "So... uh... you guys need a place to crash? I've got a place not far from here with a spare room. You two are welcome to it. Least I could do after all we've been through." He looked back at Gus's trailer and sighed heavily.

Rayne nodded " we have been on the road a while" carson shook her head " i have to be somewhere but i will meet back with you in the morning" Rayne gave her a are you crazy look " we are in the middle of no where vill where do you have to go?". Carson didnt bother answering.

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