The end

Carson oressed the activation button and took a deep breath before laying down. She the oain started she closed her eyes trying hard not to scream. She focused on why she was doing this. Rayne, gus, all of them. Every child, every woman and man. She pictured them going about their day. Unaware of what was going on. Tears rolled down her face and she used her energy she had to reach out to the minds of gus and the other sending them warmth and love.
Meanwhile the rest of the kakabel were dieing.. Ships they were driving crashed into the area causing it to start collapsing. Alrms went off and smoke filled the air. It was clearly time to go.
Rayne was unconscious almost gone when she felt the warmt of Carson. She had no doubt she would save them. She left their plain with a small smile and one last breath.

As the last of her people oassed Carson felt the dark closing in on her. She touched gus mind i think i love you... she whispered then let it drag her down.

time stopped she was in a fuild...many people were there.. Some she knew some she did of her kind came to her her eyes glowing a bright blue.
This olace was beautiful... Rayne came forward then with a smile. Carson's heart broke she fell to her knees. She didnt want rayne to be in this place..."you can not stay little one.. " her ancestor said..rayne sat neck to her and hugged her close "you have to go back". But she wanted to.. She didnt want to go back... There was nothing there for her back all her people were gone.. Rayne was gone.. Gus... Was there... He was not in this place. She looked up and rayne nodded. Carson nodded back... She had to go back.. "we will help you." her ancestor said and placed her finger on Carson's head.
Time flew passed her. Soace become a vacuum and then a sudden drop.

Carson sat up. she hurt. Everything hurt. Her mind, her body, her heart. She blinked and saw a old dingy roof. Slowly she sat up she was in the old video store. On the couch. And she was naked. She jumoed and reached for the blanket on the back of the couch and wrapped it around her. She sat there in silence, it was done she could feel it humans kind was saved and she was the last of her kind.

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