Trying To Bring Her Back

Rayne was unconscious almost gone when she felt the warmt of Carson. She had no doubt she would save them. She left their plain with a small smile and one last breath.

Billy saw Rayne’s eyes lose their focus. He knew what that meant. “No!” he shouted. He didn’t understand. The two youngest that was with them, the ones having their entire lives ahead of them were lost.

Not if he could help it. He wasn’t giving up. Coop pounded Rayne’s chest in an attempt to get her heart beating again. Holding her chin, he breathed into her lungs, trying to give her back the breath of life. He began CPR pumps, counting, “One, two, three...”

The others sat around the inside of the saucer staring, hoping Coop could save her. “twenty-nine, thirty.” Coop breathed into her again, starting the process over.

His arms grew tire. He tried for ten minutes. He didn’t want to give up. “Can someone else take over?”

Daniel put his arm around his buddy, pulling him away from Rayne. “I’m sorry, Coop! You tried,” he said, trying to comfort him.

Coop slowly reached, closing Rayne’s eyes, “I’m sorry,” he muttered, tears streaming down his face, mixing with the perspiration that was already there.

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