Roswell That Ends Well

Carson pressed the activation button and took a deep breath before laying down. She the oain started she closed her eyes trying hard not to scream. She focused on why she was doing this. Rayne, gus, all of them. Every child, every woman and man. She pictured them going about their day. Unaware of what was going on. Tears rolled down her face and she used her energy she had to reach out to the minds of gus and the other sending them warmth and love.
Meanwhile the rest of the kakabel were dieing.. Ships they were driving crashed into the area causing it to start collapsing.

As the group mourned the loss of Rayne in the saucer alarms began blaring and the ship rumbled and nearly sent them all sprawling to the ground. Whatever Carson had done had succeeded, however the energy blast took out much of the controls on board the saucer. And now they too were crashing.

"Brace yourselves!" Charles shouted to everyone as he desperately tried to get the saucer under some semblance of control.

The saucer spun wildly in the air and careened towards a desolate stretch of desert.

i think i love you... Gus could feel this thought passing through his very soul. He knew it was Carson. A part of him was scared to admit it but...

I love you too...

And then the ship crashed into the Nevada desert...


"Now that's how you do a big escape! Roswell-style, baby!" Freddy shouted with a newfound sense of excitement as he looked over the crashed saucer they had managed to survive. "We did it!" He laughed but then the reality of the situation hit him like a ton of bricks. "Carson... Carson did it. She saved us."

"And now the human race is saved, thanks to the love of a single individual." Charles said, smiling at the beauty of the situation's somewhat sappy message. The universe was a hopeless romantic, it seemed.

Gus lowered his head and pushed air through his nose sharply. It was bad enough to lose Carson, but after that final message she sent it hurt even deeper. "Yeah..." He said as he looked over to where the Sawyers and the agents were gathered, next to the covered body of Rayne Lee.

In Gus's opinion, the cost of this victory had been too great.

"So now what? I'm pretty sure some people noticed us crashing out of the sky in a flying saucer." Allison pointed out. She was sitting on a rock, still somewhat groggy from the drugs. Maybe that's why it didn't perturb her that there was a grey alien who looked like a throwback from the 60's.

Charles looked to Jackson Sawyer. "I do believe Agent Sawyer and his team will take care of any possible problems regarding that."

There was a moment of silence as everyone looked around. Then Freddy spoke up.

"So how are we getting out of this desert?" He asked.

As if on cue, a stretch limousine, followed by a SUV, could be seen on the horizon and it slowly made its way across the flat stretch of desert towards the scene of the crash. Everyone watched it suspiciously, Freddy produced is .38 just in case, as the limo came to a halt not a few feet away from them.

When the passenger door opened everyone was surprised to see The Official step out and regard them with a bright smile.

"Congratulations! All of you! I couldn't have expected a better result!" He said in a booming voice.

There was an awkward moment of silence, as our weary heroes looked at the ominous, and eerily cheerful man who began to applaud them.

"This marks a momentous day for the human race," The Official said. "The official proof of their level of advancement!"

"We didn't do anything," Gus said. "It was Carson."

"But without your Sight, none of this would've happened. It is a sign of your race's advancement. Proof to ensure no other race can threaten you ever again." The Official said. "Which opens the door for many opportunities."

"What does that mean?" Freddy asked.

The Official smirked. "You see, my name is Shuntypaaktap, I am a scout for potential luxury resorts and tourist destinations. And for many years a number of travelers from across the cosmos have given interesting reports on your little blue planet. It was my intention to assess your world and see if it can be declared a tourist destination for many alien races from across the universe. However, much to my chagrin, when I arrived I was barred from conducting a proper survey due to the Kakabel claiming jurisdiction. See, they hated humankind, no doubt you knew that. In any case, I just knew that this world could be a... how you say it? 'Goldmine?' Yes? So I had to go through different channels and see if your species had evolved to a point where you could be classified as truly sentient. This requires certain requirements are met."

"You mean The Sight?" Gus asked.

"Indeed. However, despite getting your race classified as sentient by the Department of Extraterrestrial Flora And Fauna (DEFAF) the paperwork has to go through decades of bureaucratic red tape. It wouldn't have been processed in time to stop the Kakabel, so I decided to set things in motion..."

"Which led to the salvation of mankind, and the extinction of the Kakabel." Charles said.

"Well..." Charles shrugged. "Technically that was the act of a single individual... To say it was an intentional act of genocide on my part is... well frankly you've got nothing on me."

"That individual gave her life for us." Gus pointed out, somewhat irritated by Shuntypaaktap's insensitive tone. "She's a hero."

"I'd be happy to erect a memorial statue for her at a future time once we get things settled to begin building a spaceport. However, that's for a later date." Shunty looked to Jackson Sawyer. "I do believe you are a representative of your local government? We will need to discuss when to properly introduce this planet to the rest of the universe."

"I think," Charles interjected. "First we'd like to go home."

Shunty nodded and began to gesture to the limo. "Allow me..."


The limo stopped in front of The World's Last Video Rental and Gus stepped out. Freddy leaned over and looked to him, a glass of champagne in his hand.

"You sure you don't want to hang with us?" Freddy asked. "I mean, we are heroes after all."

"I'm good." Gus said. "I just need some rest."

"Fair enough," he closed the door and the limo drove off.

Gus turned and looked to his humble little store. A port in a very stormy universe which, if Shuntypaaktap was to be believed, would be opened to the world in a few year's time. However, the gravity of the changing world was lost on him as all he wished to do was grab a box of goobers and pass out watching a bad movie.

Carson sat up. she hurt. Everything hurt. Her mind, her body, her heart. She blinked and saw a old dingy roof. Slowly she sat up she was in the old video store. On the couch. And she was naked. She jumoed and reached for the blanket on the back of the couch and wrapped it around her.

When Gus entered and saw Carson he was surprised, yet immediately assumed that this was Carson on "the other side" letting him know she was okay. He smiled sadly at her and took off his dirty jacket before taking a seat next to her. He didn't know what to say, he just looked at her. He already missed her.

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