C Up

Charles looked to Jackson Sawyer. "I do believe Agent Sawyer and his team will take care of any possible problems regarding that."

Charles was already on the phone, calling Area 51. “Yes, we need a clean-up. Top Secret.” He was one the phone for fifteen minutes, giving the location. Soon there’d be helicopters flying in to secure the location an cover up the “pilot training crash site.”

Hunter stood back, seeing his fathers coldness of the situation. Two young girls had given their lives, and Jackson seemed to be sweeping it under the rug. Protecting the people. Keeping the secret.

“He acts as though we’ve lost nothing,” Hunter disgustingly said to Freddy.

Jackson hung up. “It’s taken care of. Everything will be taken to Area 51. I’m sorry, but they’ll need to examine the body,” he said, pointing to Rayne.

Hunter could take no more. He cold cocked his father, hitting him square in the jaw, sending him sprawling into the Nevada sands. Kelli spring into action at that point, using her martial arts skills to kick Hunter, bring him to his knees.

“Kelli!” Jackson ordered. “No!”

Jackson knew he was no match for his son, but also knew Hunter was no match for Kelli despite her being half his size. “We’ll stay behind. Supervise,” he said, wiping his mouth. “You all must go to protect your identities.”

"I'd be happy to erect a memorial statue for her at a future time once we get things settled to begin building a spaceport. However, that's for a later date." Shunty looked to Jackson Sawyer. "I do believe you are a representative of your local government? We will need to discuss when to properly introduce this planet to the rest of the universe."

Jackson was too busy on the phone to here of the plans. “Right now would not be a good idea, with the crash and all. People would be worried about an oncoming invasion and take things to extremes. We’ll slowly prepare the people over the next year.”

Hunter got into the limo with everyone except his father and his team. At this point, he’d rather not see the old man again. His coldness over this event was the straw that broke the back. His face hardened as he turned away when the limo pulled away.

Jackson was too busy taking care of official business to see the look on Hunter’s face. The team was already preparing to receive the onslaught of the cleanup crew.


Back at the Prickly Cactus, Hunter grinned as Jen Hitchcock-Clement told him about the van that run her into the telephone pole, knocking out phone services most of the day. He wondered what she would think about the day he had. He looked at Freddy and laughed. “Jen,” he said, lining up glasses on the bar, “I think you, me, and Freddy all need a shot.”

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