Drinks All Around!

Back at the Prickly Cactus, Hunter grinned as Jen Hitchcock-Clement told him about the van that run her into the telephone pole, knocking out phone services most of the day. He wondered what she would think about the day he had. He looked at Freddy and laughed. “Jen,” he said, lining up glasses on the bar, “I think you, me, and Freddy all need a shot.”

Freddy agreed, "I'll drink to that!" Then promptly finished off the glass of champagne he had been carrying since he got out of the limo. He was in the mood to get plastered. However, it wasn't just out of celebration, it was to cope with the insane events of the last few days. In only a couple weeks he'd just lost his best friend, killed the leader of a Mexican biker gang, survived attacks from a hitman, then found out that not only were aliens real but that they were planning to wipe out mankind. Then he had to fight said aliens and help save the day. For a former mob enforcer, it was a little too much to handle.

When Jen brought the shots out Freddy didn't waste any time grabbing his. However before he downed it he held his glass up and looked to Hunter. "To Carson and Rayne. We'd be dust in the cosmic wind if not for them."

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