When Jen brought the shots out Freddy didn't waste any time grabbing his. However before he downed it he held his glass up and looked to Hunter. "To Carson and Rayne. We'd be dust in the cosmic wind if not for them."

Hunter held up his shot glass with a serious look. “To Rayne and Carson! May they have peace!”

“I’m sorry?” Jen interjected. “Rayne and Carson? Dust in the cosmic wind?”

Hunter held back a grin. “Let’s just say we’ve had a couple of rough days. Rayne and Carson were a couple of girls we met.”

Just then, Hunter realized he was hiding things just as his father had. He made the decision to be truthful. “They helped us in a fight against aliens. Unfortunately, they lost their lives.”

“Aliens?” Jen attempted to confirm. “Did you send them back across the border?”

Hunter looked at Freddy and grinned. “Something like that,” he replied downing the toast, remembering the sacrifice of two young girls.

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