Reunions, Celebrations, and The Unknown Future

As soon as she saw him tears filled her eyes. And when he sat next to her the spilled over. She wrapped her arms around him. "i almost didnt make it back to you. " she whispered.

Gus was surprised by the embrace, assuming she'd have passed right through. His mind was having trouble processing this. "Is this for real? You're back? You're okay?" He decided to test this by wrapping his arms around her. She felt real enough. He just closed his eyes and sighed in relief. "You're back now, Carson. You're home."


Just then, Hunter realized he was hiding things just as his father had. He made the decision to be truthful. “They helped us in a fight against aliens. Unfortunately, they lost their lives.”

“Aliens?” Jen attempted to confirm. “Did you send them back across the border?”

Freddy almost did a spit take with his shot when Jen said that.

Hunter looked at Freddy and grinned. “Something like that,” he replied downing the toast, remembering the sacrifice of two young girls.

Freddy decided one shot wasn't gonna be enough and reached over the bar to grab the first bottle his hand touched. He looked at Hunter and winked. "I'll pay for it, buddy." He twisted off the cap and downed a few swigs of the golden-brown contents. "Tonight, we celebrate being alive!"

Allison Newport sat in a makeshift tent set up by the bizarre government agents who had just rescued her. She had decided to remain with Jackson Sawyer and his team while his people secured the site and began to investigate the crashed ship. She was still unsure of what to think. The world wasn't the same anymore. It was That Night all over again, but now she was surrounded by people who believed her. Which was a welcome change from the years of ridicule.

After being cleared by a doctor who examined her she was given a bed to rest in, however Allison was far from tired now. She needed answers. What did those aliens do to her? What was this Sight she supposedly had? The doctor who examined her had requested she be taken to a more secure facility to have further scans conducted on her brain. That scared her. If it came down to it, she'd fight her way out if need be.

However, she hoped that Jackson Sawyer would back her up. He seemed like an okay guy...


"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Isobel Vaughan continued to madly dial Allsion's phone number. Yet there was no response. Isobel had intended to go with Allison to Mt. Charleston and see what they could turn up about Nate's death, but with the news that a hitman had been wandering about the town Isobel had been forced to lie low in Vegas for several nights until her mother heard that things were safe again.

Now, Isobel found herself alone, at night, standing next to Allison's abandoned patrol car near Mt. Charleston. She had found it there and it looked like it'd been there for some time.

"No, goddammit!" Isobel kicked the patrol car in frustration as Allison's phone sent her to voicemail once again. A million horrifying scenarios played out in her mind, wondering what became of her friend.

However, with no further clue as to what to do, Isobel huffed and returned to her truck and drove back to town. When she finally arrived home it was 3 in the morning. Her mother was already asleep, most likely near-comatose thanks to a cocktail of ambien and vodka, so Isobel didn't bother staying quiet. However, the noise prompted a voice to call to her from one of the adjacent rooms... her father's office.

"Daddy?" Isobel frowned and went to the office where she found her father, Leland Vaughan, standing at his desk holding some papers in one hand and cradling a drink in the other. "You're home?"

"I am." Leland said with a nod. "You're home late."

"Road trip." She told him.


"Mt. Charleston... where... where Nate died." Isobel said. She was too afraid to lie to her father, even now at this age.

"That boy was trouble, I say good riddance." Leland said bluntly. "Your mother told me you've been with a cop."

This made Isobel's blood freeze. "She's just a friend. I met her... looking for UFO's..."

Leland looked at her with his steely blue eyes. "Yes... I heard you got into that... Guess this town finally managed to rub off on you."

"I guess..." Isobel stammered. "Look, Dad, I swear I wouldn't say anything about you to anyone. You know that, right?"

Leland continued to stare at her, then took a sip from his glass. "I do. Now get to bed, it's late."

"Okay, Dad..." Isobel quietly retreated to her room. The fact her father was home for once didn't mean anything good...

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