Clean Up

After being cleared by a doctor who examined her she was given a bed to rest in, however Allison was far from tired now. She needed answers. What did those aliens do to her? What was this Sight she supposedly had? The doctor who examined her had requested she be taken to a more secure facility to have further scans conducted on her brain. That scared her. If it came down to it, she'd fight her way out if need be.

However, she hoped that Jackson Sawyer would back her up. He seemed like an okay guy...

The cleanup went smooth as to be expected. This became second nature to the people from Area 51. If only the American people knew how much they’ve handled since Roswell, they’d be freaked. Jackson temporarily got his team transferred to Area 51.

Coop was working things out as far as getting what they needed for supplies and working on transportation of everyone to Area 51. He was saddened by the loss of two young lives. He worked hard to ensure their sacrifice would improve relations between the human and alien races.

Baechtel was heavily engrossed with looking over the ship’s weapon systems. As far as he could tell, the weapons didn’t produce any projectiles, but rather blasted energy beams at the entended target. It seemed more powerful than anything Daniel had ever imagined.

The ship was covered by tarpaulin and loaded on a flatbed truck to transport to Area 51. Everyone else loaded aboard a Sikorsky HH-60 Jayhawk, everyone that is except for Kelli Lee. Jackson had sent her to Jackalope Crossing to keep an eye on Hunter and ensure secrecy.

Jackson was curious about Allison’s experience. So on the flight, he took the opportunity to get to know her and probe for information that might be helpful in continuing to improve relations with the Greys and others out there. He ensured that she be seated next to him on the flight.

“Miss Newport?” he inquired, “What can you tell me about your experience? Anything would be most helpful.”


Freddy decided one shot wasn't gonna be enough and reached over the bar to grab the first bottle his hand touched. He looked at Hunter and winked. "I'll pay for it, buddy." He twisted off the cap and downed a few swigs of the golden-brown contents. "Tonight, we celebrate being alive!"

“I agree!” Hunter chimed in.

Jen added, “You know, I didn’t think of that. I’ve been so focused on losing my car, that I failed to see I should be grateful I’m still alive!”

“The silver lining,” Hunter agreed, pouring Jen and himself shots. Freddy had his own bottle.

Hunter walked to the door to close up the bar. Just as he reached for the lead class on the door, Kelli Lee walked in, smiled and said, “Hello boys!”

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