If You Want Peace, Prepare For War

Carson sighed. Peace was not ment for her. She turned to gus. "this puts you in danger. " she warned him.

"Then we'll deal with it together." Gus said firmly. "Didn't want things to get boring anyways." He smirked. Then he looked to the Grey to ask him what else he knew, but he had disappeared. "Well shit, he pulled a Batman..." Gus frowned and thought for a moment. "So we've got to expect alien bounty hunters are going to come down and cause some trouble. So we'll need to let the others know, my guess is you're not the only one on their hit list. We all had a hand in wiping out the Kakabel."

Despite Gus's nonchalant attitude, a part of him was worried. But he'd be damned if he was gonna let Carson go again.


Freddy Falcone was paranoid beyond belief. He knew how the cartel operated, lord knows what horror show they had planned for him. He had to be smart about this. But the first thing on his mind was getting to Hunter and letting him in on the bad news. He wasn't gonna start keeping secrets with his new partner.

However he found the bar was still closed by the time he got there and when it became clear that Hunter wasn't in he decided to pay him a visit at his place. Freddy knocked on Hunter's door and waited for him to answer.


In a black place at an undetermined location stood Shuntypaaktap, and he was furious.

"I demand to know who placed the hit on Ms. Carson!" Shunty shouted into the black void.

"Genocide is a serious crime, one that cannot be ignored." A voice responded from the dark.

"Yet it was okay for the Kakabel to commit it against humanity?" Shunty commented.

"At the time the inhabitants of Earth were not registered as sentient beings. They fell under the classification of pests and vermin. Wiping out pests and vermin isn't exactly the same as genocide, don't you think?"

"When it wipes out an ENTIRE SPECIES it is!" Shunty said. Sadly the bureaucratic cheese heads in charge liked sticking to the letter of the law rather than what was right.

"We acknowledge that your study of humans have indeed cleared them for truly Sentient status, and if it weren't for Ms. Carson a horrible calamity would've befallen the human race. However, the law is clear on these matters."

"Would you have condemned the Kakabel to death for the extermination of mankind had she not intervened?" Shunty asked.

"We can't linger in 'what if's' Shuntypaaktap, we can only deal with the issue at hand."

"Ms. Carson was acting out of compassion for the people of Earth. Not out of maliciousness for her own race. It was a matter of choice on who to save, the helpless humans, or the race trying to wipe them out due to prejudice. We all know the Kakabel had been lobbying for humanity's extinction for centuries."

"Even so," the voice said, sounding more irritated the longer the conversation went on, "We cannot abide genocide. Your petition to have Ms. Carson's bounty pulled has been denied."

Out of sheer frustration Shunty shouted: "FUCK!" The word echoed through the darkness before Shunty turned and was suddenly in a cheaply made trailer on the site of the new starport being built for the eventual induction of Earth into the Alliance. Standing on the other end of the trailer was a tentacular alien, Polly, who was Shunty's assistant.

"Went well, did it?" Polly asked as her tentacles slithered with slimy smacking noises.

"I fear our system has failed Ms. Carson for the time being. And I'm sure her friends are in grave danger as well. We will need to take steps."

"Why? Why does it matter if some bounty hunters come and take Carson away?" Polly asked.

"Because it would no doubt damage the good will we have with these people, if the Agent Sawyer and his CIA learn that bounty hunters came down and killed the woman who saved their entire race we'd no doubt lose our contract with them. Our dreams of making this planet the vacation destination of the cosmic summer season would be dashed!" Shunty kicked the trash can next to his tiny desk, sending it flying into the nearby wall with a loud clang.

"I see." Polly thought for a moment, her tentacles undulating inquisitively. "Well perhaps the best thing to do would be to call in some help?"

Shunty turned and looked at Polly in terror. "No."

"He'd be able to keep the bounty hunters at bay long enough for us to drum up support in having Carson's bounty pulled."

"I am not calling him in. You know he blew up a moon, right?" Polly stared at Shunty. Shunty groaned. "Fine. I'll call him..."

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