No life

(OCC: sorry for the late post RL stuff)

"So do you have a date to go with that movie?" Gus asked Nadia. "If you don't mind us prying." He looked to Carson with a wry grin.

Nodia shook her head with a grin "absolutely not... I have no life amd no friends...just you guys" she finiahed with a little shrug. She smiled and picked up the movie "im going to head out been a long shift" she said and waved with the smae hand holding the movie. " see you guys later!" and she walked out.
As she walked twords the Trailer park her mind wondered. It was true. She had no life. All she ever really did was go to work, Go to the video store and go home. She couldn't even remember the last time ahe had gone out. But then who went out by their self? She shook her head. At this rate she was going to die alone with noone but her cats.. But... She didnt even have a cat.

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