The Truth Is Out There

What did Jackson mean when by that? What was pressing?" To be honest, Allison had noticed Kelli had been acting weird lately. And the fact that her aura, which was apparently something The Sight allowed her to see now--go figure, was... well it wasn't typical of most people's auras she'd seen up to that point.

Kelli dropped her hands momentarily leaving herself wide open. The question came as a surprise. Catching herself, she came back to a defensive position.

“He was speaking about my relationship with Hunter,” Kelli affirmed as she kicked to take out Allison’s legs. The kick knocked Allison to the ground. Kelli was on top of her with a kill strike pose, before relaxing and helping her up.

“He knows I was late because Hunter and I, well let’s just say we had a difficult time parting ways this morning.” Kelli giggled, then added, “If you know what I mean.”

Miles closed his eyes and sighed. "You don't know what it's like, Jen." He downed a slug and passed the shot glass to her. "What goes on up here." He tapped his temple. "Every damn day I wake up and remember that the one thing I was good at was taken away from me. You see the new Sheriff? Young thing who's got this look like half the town's running around in their birthday suits or somethin'. I checked her out, she's a nobody. Just some trooper, nothing noteworthy. Seems too clean, if you ask me. But hell, maybe that's all that matters, so long as you're clean it don't matter what you did or didn't do." He sighed and had to roll his shoulder as it started to ache intensely.

"Fuckin' shit. Maybe I wasn't as good as I thought. Couldn't figure out what became of that Castagnacci boy and his friends... Don't deserve the badge..."

“You were damn good at what you did,” Jen reassured him as she poured another glass. “Things have gone south for you since you were shot. Just like now, you’ve been questioning yourself.”

She thought a little, not sure if she should add how the man she was married to made her feel exactly the same way. Then she thought it couldn’t hurt.

“Look Miles,” she offered for support, “I haven’t been shot. But, I’ve been where you are right now. I could never see the daylight. My ex made sure of it. I doubted myself as a wife,” she got quieter, “as a woman. But, I had support that I couldn’t see from my self doubt. Friends. I had to learn to trust them.”

Hunter returned with an appetizer of wings in his hand. He placed them before Miles. “The kitchen made a mistake,” Hunter said. “Made an order of wings instead of tenders. There on the house, Miles.”

Hunter didn’t like the anger he had shown the man earlier. He realized that Hunter was going through a rough time. Hunter realized that he shouldn’t have allowed what Miles said to offend him. So, he offered this peace offering.

Dan felt his hairs stand on end. He knew he had met some strange beings out here in the desert. Some he thought were not from this world. However, they had never caused his senses to tingle like this.

Dan thought he heard a faint whisper urging him further in. He could have sworn he heard his name. Was he imagining it? Was he as crazy as everyone said?

Dan wasn’t about to stay around to figure it out. He ran back to town a mumbling mess.

He burst into the Prickly Cactus. Running to the bar, he took the stool next to Miles. “Need a shot o’ whiskey,” he said wide-eyes to Hunter.

Hunter filled a shot glass for him. He knew Dan’s likes. He liked to listen to his stories, even though the man talked of aliens. However, Hunter now knew that it just might have been possible for Dan to have met aliens in the desert.

“Thar’s an evil presence in the ol’ copper mines. Evil, I say. Ne’er felt the way it made me feel!” Dan whispered to Hunter.

Daniel Baechtel and Billy Cooper finished there meal and headed back to the office. They always took a longer route back, so they could get used to their new surroundings.

“Imagine it,” Coop was saying, “anyone we see here could be an alien. How many different kinds are here? It could be an infinite amount!”

The we’re coming upon a trailer park. Coop noticed a man getting out of a compact car. “Why even that guy getting out of the bullet riddled car could be an alien!”

“Bullet riddled car?” Daniel questioned, turning to see for himself.

The man then fell to the ground. Daniel slammed on the breaks, bring the government issued SUV to a halt. Both men jumped out the doors of the vehicle.

“Holy shit!” Coop exclaimed as he grabbed a med kit from the rear of the SUV.

Daniel looked at the girl he recognized from the dinner. “We can help!” Daniel reassured her. “What happened?”

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