Full of Surprises

“He knows I was late because Hunter and I, well let’s just say we had a difficult time parting ways this morning.” Kelli giggled, then added, “If you know what I mean.”

Allison was a little surprised, not by Kelli flooring her--that was a typical thing in their sparring sessions--but by the news. "I thought you and Jackson were..." she frowned then looked to Kelli with confusion. "...And he's okay with you seeing his son?" She wasn't sure how to take this. Then again, maybe she was blowing this out of proportion. Maybe it was the perceived betrayal of Jackson that was getting to her, more than it really should have.


“Look Miles,” she offered for support, “I haven’t been shot. But, I’ve been where you are right now. I could never see the daylight. My ex made sure of it. I doubted myself as a wife,” she got quieter, “as a woman. But, I had support that I couldn’t see from my self doubt. Friends. I had to learn to trust them.”

"That's the difference between you an' me, Jen. I don't have friends." He downed the glass in one big gulp and shook his head.

“The kitchen made a mistake,” Hunter said. “Made an order of wings instead of tenders. There on the house, Miles.”

Miles was surprised, but he wasn't above accepting free food. Then his shoulder started hurting again. But it was more than that.

"Look, Sawyer..." He started to say with a twinge of guilt in his voice. Then he sighed and looked at the bartender with a nod. "...Thanks."

Miles slowly made his way through the free wings while listening to the music on the jukebox when the aged old coot, Dirty Dan Jones, decided to take a seat next to Miles.

Hunter filled a shot glass for him. He knew Dan’s likes. He liked to listen to his stories, even though the man talked of aliens. However, Hunter now knew that it just might have been possible for Dan to have met aliens in the desert.

“Thar’s an evil presence in the ol’ copper mines. Evil, I say. Ne’er felt the way it made me feel!” Dan whispered to Hunter.

Miles let out an exasperated sigh. "Dan, how many times have you sent me on wild goose chases in the past, saying the exact same crap? Now your wrinkly ass is getting scared of the dark in an abandoned mine?" He looked to Hunter and rolled his eyes.


Freddy Falcone stepped into The World's Last Video Rental and was met by the lovely face of Carson Phillips. Freddy couldn't help but like the girl, she was the savior of the human race after all. And her naivete regarding human customs was rather charming in that "Mork and Mindy" sort of way. He regarded her with a smile and a nod. Gus was nowhere to be found in the front of the store, probably because he was in the back trying to organize the several boxes of DVD players he had just ordered.

"Carson, hope you're having a lovely day so far." He said as he approached the counter. Jessica was not too far behind him and stopped at the counter next to Freddy.

"Why are we in an old relic of a video store?" Jessica asked.

Freddy forced a smile. "Sorry, Carson. This is Jessica, Jessica Nelson. Jessica, this is Carson Phillips. A good friend of mine."

"She the one we're here to talk to?" Jessica said, eyeing the girl over with a visible look of disdain.

Freddy was trying his best to ignore her tone. "Carson, you know where Gus is? I kinda need his help. Figure he'd 'see' something about this case I'm on that I can't." He gave her a wink when he said "see."


“Holy shit!” Coop exclaimed as he grabbed a med kit from the rear of the SUV.

Daniel looked at the girl he recognized from the dinner. “We can help!” Daniel reassured her. “What happened?”

Simon was barely conscious, but could hear other voices. Despite the delirium, his paranoid mind was already freaking out about the fact that his Beretta was currently under the driver's seat of the car he had stolen. But right now the rest of him was too banged up to do much about that...

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