Deadly Premonition

Worry crossed carsons face and she went to him kneeling down she rested on hand on his face and one hand on his chest. She merged her mind with his. She could tell he was in a vision and that he was not alone. Something dark and menacing was with him.. Carson pored warm bright light through his mind to chase it away and pulled him out of the vision forcing hom back to the present. She looked him over and rubbed his head softly. "gus.. Gus?" she called to him in a soft voice.

On The Other Side Gus felt the warm light of Carson shining brightly from behind, it cut through the tendrils of the being that had him by the throat and it cowered back from it. It released him and he fell backwards into the light.

Gus's eyes shot open and he saw Carson and Freddy looking over him.

"The hell?" Jessica said from behind Freddy. "Is this dude okay? That looked like a seizure. Do we need to call an ambulance?"

"You alright, partner?" Freddy asked.

Gus sat up. "I think so..." He looked to Carson, "Thanks." Then he smirked. "We gotta stop making a habit of you pulling my butt out of the fire."

"What did you see?" Freddy asked.

"Something... horrible. I don't know what it was but..." Gus looked to Carson again. "Carson it was Vargas. And Rayne. They are why this is happening. Back when they..." He looked to Jessica for a second then spoke under his breath. "Back when they got rid of that car with the dead body." He looked to Freddy. "The body of one of the guys you were after, who stole your friend's money." He stood up. "They ditched the car in the old Morton Mine. Something was there, and they disturbed it. Then her brother stumbled onto it." Then he looked to Jessica. "Did your brother say anything about seeing the old Morton Mine?"

Jessica frowned. "He's not there." She said with certainty. "The authorities checked that mine already. They found nothing."

Gus frowned. "Nothing? I don't understand."

"You're sure he went there?" Freddy asked.

"Certain." Gus said.

Freddy crossed his arms and shook his head. "Oh this is fishy... I don't like the sound of this."

"It gets worse..." Gus said. "Whatever this thing is... It's coming."


“Look! If you think it will help, I’ll talk to Jackson,” Kelli assured her. “Why would you be so concerned? Are you interested in him?”

Allsion blushed and shook her head. "No! He's old enough to be my dad! That's... well... weird! And he's my boss, I'm sure fraternization is frowned upon. I wouldn't want to lose my job! Get him in trouble. It wouldn't be fair to him." Perhaps Allison doth protest too much. The fact Kelli had hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer didn't help matters. The look she was giving Allison as she rambled on only made things worse. "So what if it were true? Hmm? I couldn't... even if I really wanted to!" Allison crossed her arms. "Which I don't!"


“Look, don’t worry about it,” Hunter assured Miles. “I know you’re going through a rough time right now. If we can help, let us know.”

“You see?” Jen opined. “You do have friends. That includes me, Miles. Anything!”

Miles cleared his throat and shook his head. "Just keep the liqour stocked." Then he looked to Jen. "And you keep being you."

After a while Miles decided to call it a day and bid Hunter and Jen an unusually warmer "see you later" than he was known to give. He made his way home, which was now at the Jackalope trailer park and was surprised to find a group of people around a wrecked car. His cop senses kicked in and he pulled off to the side and went over to check things out.

Coop turned to Nodia. “You got a phone? Dial 911!”

Daniel chose to investigate the bullet riddled car. He was surprised the man was still alive with all the holes. Someone, somewhere, had a vendetta against this man.

Nodia nodded and pulled out her cell to call 911 " i dont think his leg is the biggest problem....look at his head... I.. I think hes been shot. " thw operator picked up and she rattled off the information that would get the ambulance to them.

"What's going on here?" Miles asked. Trying not to betray the fact that he was a little loaded.

“I’m here to help,” he tried to make the man understand, pulling a compression pack from the kit. “Do I have your permission to look at your leg?” It was always best to ask in these situations when you didn’t know the other person.

"Guy's out cold," Miles said. "Best get that leg wrapped before he loses more blood." Miles noted how the two men seemed to already have a medical kit on hand. That was good. He helped Coop with dressing the poor fool's wounds as Nodia called for an ambulance.


Milo Castagnacci sat in a van with enough surveillance equipment to make a totalitarian government wet with envy. He wasn't about to give up on taking out Simon, he'd only made things more personal by making a fool of all of Milo's men. He listened to the police scanner, no doubt someone had seen him in that wreck of a car, something had to turn up.

"...responding to a 911 call involving a potential gunfight one person in critical condition..." There it was...

"Get moving, we know where he is." Milo said to his driver.


Distant sirens soon grew loud and clear as the ambulance finally arrived for this strange person. Miles had gone through the car and spied a silenced pistol under the driver's seat. This guy was no hapless boob caught in some gang-related violence. However he opted to not mess with the scene until the authorities... including the Sheriff... arrived.

However, just as the ambulance arrived, so did a van with "Emerson's Carpet Cleaning" written on the side. Miles knew from his time dealing with various mob activity from Vegas that that particular company was owned by the Castagnaccis. Sensing trouble he looked to Coop, Daniel, and Nodia.

"Get down!" Miles managed to say as a group of men with submachineguns poured out of the van.

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