War Zone

Miles got to where Coop and Nodia were taking cover. "Said you got a gun there? Give it to me, I'm still a decent shot." Then he looked back at the ambulance where the paramedics were no doubt calling in the shootout. "Backup should be coming soon. Still, y'all might want to try taking this guy to the ambulance and getting out of here. I can cover you guys..."

Coop handed the gun to Miles. Without hesitation, he picked up the wounded man as he was trained in the Army, running with him on his shoulders to the ambulance, which was now taking some fire. He lifted the man up to the EMTs in the back, who placed him on the gurney. They hammered the back wall, while Coop closed the door’s. The ambulance quickly departed. Coop turned just in time to see Daniel take a bullet to the head.

“No!” he yelled as he ran straight for Baechtel. He picked up Daniels gun and fire, hitting the closest gunman.

Jackson and Kelli followed Allison and arrived behind the gunmen. They watched Coop run for cover behind the Hyundai. “It looks like a war zone!” Jackson commmented. “Keep your head down,” he shouted as he opened his door for a shield and began to fire. Kelli did the same on the passenger side.

Jackson kept an eye on Allison for two reasons. First, to follow her lead. She was the officer of jurisdiction. Second, to ensure her safety.

Dan left the Prickly Cactus after a second drink. After he left, Hunter called Kelli. He thought it unusual when she didn’t pick up.

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