Into The Line of Fire

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Carson smiled and nodded to freddy. Once they were gone she rapped her arms around gus again. "peace never lasts long on this planet dose it?" she mumbled agains his chest then looked up at him " how are you feeling? Are you ok? I did not like what ever was there with you. " she had a small frown furrowing her brows as she spoke.

Gus's face twisted with concern. "I'm fine but... whatever that thing was... it was hate, Carson. Pure hatred. I've never felt anything so powerful in my entire life." He closed his eyes and put his arms around Carson. "Something bad is coming again. I can feel it." He looked down at her. "I think we should stay inside for the night. What do you think?"


Jackson and Kelli followed Allison and arrived behind the gunmen. They watched Coop run for cover behind the Hyundai. “It looks like a war zone!” Jackson commmented. “Keep your head down,” he shouted as he opened his door for a shield and began to fire. Kelli did the same on the passenger side.

Jackson kept an eye on Allison for two reasons. First, to follow her lead. She was the officer of jurisdiction. Second, to ensure her safety.

Allison produced her Glock and took cover behind the door of her truck before firing on the group who were firing on Coop and the others. She didn't bother with a warning, they were already firing at government agents and civilians, that was enough reason for her to start shooting. She managed to cap one mook before the others turned and started firing on her, Jackson, and Kelli.

Allison ducked behind her truck door just before a semi-automatic round pelted the bullet-proof glass and panels of her truck (a perk of working for a secret government group that she was happy came standard). She popped out of cover on the side of the door this time and fired a few shots in the direction of the mobsters.

On the other side of this exchange Miles was surprisingly relieved to see the new sheriff had arrived with some backup. He didn't know who the hell they were, they didn't look like deputies, more like feds, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He fired a few more shots before turning to Nodia.

"Stay down! Don't move! We've got friendlies backing us up now! We're almost through this!" He shouted. Then he looked to Coop who was clearly traumatized by the sight of seeing his friend get gunned down. "Hey!" Miles tried to get his attention. "Hey! Use it!" Miles meant the anger, it would keep the guy alive if he used it right. Miles had experience with that.

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