Almost over.

He closed his eyes and put his arms around Carson. "Something bad is coming again. I can feel it." He looked down at her. "I think we should stay inside for the night. What do you think?"

Carson nodded "i agree" she said then smiled up at him " besides. We still have more pop culture for you to catch me up on"

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,

He fired a few more shots before turning to Nodia.

"Stay down! Don't move! We've got friendlies backing us up now! We're almost through this!" He shouted. Then he looked to Coop who was clearly traumatized by the sight of seeing his friend get gunned down. "Hey!" Miles tried to get his attention. "Hey! Use it!" Miles meant the anger, it would keep the guy alive if he used it right. Miles had experience with that.

Nodia nodded and staid right were she was and focused on her breathing. A stray bullet fley past barely skimming her arm. She helped and moved further into cover. This town was insane..had been for the last few months. She tried to keep her self calm feeling utterly helpless.

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