Trying To Make Sense

Allison had also offered the civillian, Nodia, a ride to the hopsital for any help she may have needed, physical or otherwise. The girl did look a little shaken up. Though Allison also wanted to ask Nodia more questions about what had happened.

Coop was in a low place. He had just lost his best friend. They had been together, serving in the military and now the CIA, for almost a decade. They had been through a lot together, from active duty to saving the world. He had to make sense.

Coop drove to the hospital. At least two people were there that might have answers. In the ER, Coop flashed his ID. It was something he usually didn’t do, abuse his authority, but he needed to know why his buddy had to be taken.

The nurse led Coop to the room Nodia was being taken care of. She looked up, thanked Coop, and seeing his sadness, offered her condolences at his loss.

Nodia didn’t know much, explained the man crashed in front of her. Coop thanked her and wrote his number down and informed her that if she were to remember anything, to give him a call.

Next, the nurse led him to Simon’s room. The doctor had just finished patching up hos leg. The head wound was a graze and would be fine. Coop asked the doctor if Simon would be able to answer some questions.
Jackson and Kelli took a couple of the shooters, hands bound in cable ties, to the county lockup. Jackson let Allison know that if she needed any support to give him a call. “You did a good job out there!” he encouraged.

When Jackson and Kelli got back to the office, Hunter was there. He was visibly angry.

“Why the hell did you not answer?” he demanded, lifting up his phone.

Kelli became heated. “For your information, we were just in a shootout with the mob! I didn’t have time to pickup!”

“Oh!” Hunter expresses, feeling the idiot. It wasn’t the first time Hunter’s jealousy got in the way. “We’ll talk about it later.”

“We’ll talk now,” Kelli insisted, walking into the locker area.

Hunter looked at Jackson, who offered the look that said, “you better follow her!” Hunter sagged his shoulders and followed.

Inside the locker area, Hunter softly spoke, “I’m sorry!” Kelli knew Hunter struggled with jealousy. That tension tended to drive the passion in their relationship. She pinned him against a locker and kissed him.

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