Nodia was totally fried after the whole deal. She was hook and confused and so much was running though her head. Whenshe was finally realised she thought of going home but instead headed to the only place she felt safe. After a walk she found her self nocking on the front of the video store. She tried to walk in but it was locked.. Maybe they were on break or in back.. She wasnt sure why being around carson made her feel better it just did. She need that now. It wasnt cold but she started to shake. She felt like something was watching her. She looked around the street but didnt see anything. Still. She could feel eyes. Het heart beat picked up a bit and she nocked again. Come on gus.. Carson.. Some one come to the door. She thought to her self.


Carson sat cozy in Gus's ar as they binge watched movie. She didnt hear the door but she did hear nodia. She sat up a bit and looked at gus. "nodias at the door.. She seems freaked out. Do you want me to get it you do you want to?" she asked but didnt move to get out from under the blanket they shared. She had taken on some human traits in her time here. One of them being the unwillingness to move once comfortable. She gave him a swret smile as if to let him know just that.

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