The Follow Up

That was when Allison walked into the room. "Good, because we've got plenty of them." She looked to Coop. "Ya hanging in there?" She was worried about him. She knew he and Daniel had been close.

Billy looked at Allison with reddened eyes. He wasn’t sure when the tears would stop. Most likely, Coop would be heading to the Prickly Cactus soon. He liked the atmosphere despite the music the jukebox played. Plus, he felt the need to get blitzed tonight.

“I’ll survive,” Coop honestly answered. “Serving time in the Middle East together and neither of us were even grazed. We come back to the States, not even on a case, and he’s...” Coop couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“I need answers,” he bitterly confirmed. “I need fucking answers as to why my best friend was killed! I didn’t even have close friends like Daniel when I was growing up in the hood.” He teared up again. “I just need answers.” Coop sat down, placing his head in his hands.
At his office, Jackson texted Allison. “Just checking to make sure you are okay. Need help with!”

In the locker area, Hunter wished they were not at Kelli’s place of employment after the kiss she laid on him. He was nearly speechless, but soon found his tongue.

“Will you go with me on a spelunking exploration?” Hunter asked her.

Kelli knew that climbing and caving were hobbies of Hunters. It helped him stay in shape. She was crazy about his shape. She could use the challenge herself.

“Tell me about it.”

“Dan came in with this wild story about the mines being possessed or something.”

Kelli rolled her eyes. “You put too much stock in what that dirty old coot says,” she argued back.

“That may be,” Hunter returned back to her, “but he was right about aliens!”

“Do you think your father would agree to it?” Kelli asked. “We could label it as a possible alien sighting previously unreported.”

“I’ll drive home and get my gear!” Hunter exclaimed. It was the first chance he had gotten to take Kelli on an adventure like this. He was looking forward to the alone time with her in nature.

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