I’ve Got Some Bad News

"Well, sadly, Sheriff... err..." Ira glanced at her badge. "Newport. This man is still..." He glanced to Simon and saw the man shut his eye quickly. "Unconscious. So you'll be waiting either way. So... please..." He gestured to the door.

Allison looked to Coop and gently grabbed his wrist to usher him out of the room. "Come on, Coop, we've got a lot of work to do..."

In the hallway, Coop looked to Allison. “Are all doctors that rude to you during an investigation?”

Billy Cooper was committed to this investigation. He realized this had to do with the mob. The Castagnacci family was big in the Vegas area. It would make sense that they may have a safe house here in the middle of nowhere. The guy in there must have doublecrossed the family.

But why did Daniel have to die. Why did they take this route back from the diner. Through town was more direct. Daniel preferred the more scenic route. They ate at the diner quite a bit because Daniel likes to eat there. Coop was beginning to think that Daniel had a liking for the waitress that was involved in the incident. And, what was her involvement?

“Can I help with the investigation?” Coop asked Allison. It would ease his mind knowing that he was doing everything he could to figure Daniel’s death out.
Jackson had the more difficult task, informing Daniel’s mother and father of his death. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. No parent wanted this news. To empathize with the family, Jackson looked inside himself to see how he’d feel if someone called to inform him of Hunter’s demise.

Slowly, Jackson picked up the receiver on his desk phone. He dialed the number from Baechtel’s personnel file. He dialed the number for his parents and a female answered. “Mrs. Beachtel?”

The woman returned, “Yes, to whom am I speaking?”

“My name is Jackson Sawyer,” he solemnly replied, “Daniel’s CO.”

At the words, reality hit Mrs. Beachtel. The only reason for Jackson to be contacting her is the event of Daniel’s death. She began to whimper.

A male’s voice came on the phone. “This is Randolph Beachtel. What’s going on?”

“I regret to inform you, Mr. Beachtel,” Jackson reported, “This is Jackson Sawyer, Daniel’s CO. Daniel was shot this morning in an altercation. I’m sorry, but he didn’t survive.”

Dead silence on the other end. Then a click as the phone disconnected. Jackson pinched the bridge of his nose on an attempt to relieve the headache that was banging away at his brain.
"That stone is a piece of a seal meant to keep the spirits of a group dead miners trapped in that mine." The man said. "And it's broken... which means they're free."

Freddy and Jessica stood there, mouths agape.

At that moment, Hunter and Kelli pulled up in his green Jeep. The equipment that was inside the Jeep revealed that they were about to do some exploring themselves. Hunter immediately recognized his partner, Freddy.

Getting out of the Jeep, Hunter walked over to Freddy, who seemed to be enjoying inflicting pain upon an unfortunate victim. Hunter chuckled; Kelli grinned rounding the Jeep.

“What do you got yourself into now?” Hunter asked.

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