Further In We Go

“Can I help with the investigation?” Coop asked Allison. It would ease his mind knowing that he was doing everything he could to figure Daniel’s death out.

Allison nodded. "Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way." She dropped some money on the table to pay off their meal. "First, I want to head back to the station and talk to Jackson about all this. See if he can't get us a more 'personal' meeting with Castagnacci. Surely he can pull some strings and get us in there without his lawyers buzzing about."


When Allison entered the station and went to Jackson's door she saw him sitting at his desk, he didn't look so good.

"You okay?" She asked him. "Everything alright?"


Getting out of the Jeep, Hunter walked over to Freddy, who seemed to be enjoying inflicting pain upon an unfortunate victim. Hunter chuckled; Kelli grinned rounding the Jeep.

“What do you got yourself into now?” Hunter asked.

Freddy was relieved to see a friendly face. "Same old, same old." He smirked. "Missing person who is linked to a conspiracy involving something not of this world. In this case, we've got the ghosts of dead miners lookin' to stir up trouble in town." The somewhat bemused, yet deadpan look on Freddy's face made it clear he wasn't joking when he mentioned ghosts.

"Why are you so quick to jump to this guy's ghost story?" Jessica asked, frustrated.

"Because here in Jackalope, truth is stranger than fiction." Freddy told her. "I know what you're going through. I didn't believe this kind of crap myself, but then I helped save the world from an alien invasion; met Gus, who can see the dead and weird shit like that; and saw a very sweet alien girl die then come back to life. So ghosts don't even surprise me."

Jessica looked to Nikki and Hunter. The look on her face said: "You honestly believe this lunatic?"

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