The Pains Of Living

When Allison entered the station and went to Jackson's door she saw him sitting at his desk, he didn't look so good.

"You okay?" She asked him. "Everything alright?"

Jackson knew his face was drained of its blood. A migraine was starting to invade his brain.

He looked up. Seeing Allison brought a smile to his face. “I’ll be okay! It’s not the first time I gave news to a family that their son won’t be calling on Mothers’ Day this year.”

Jackson stood from his desk. “How’s the investigation coming? What can I do to help?”

Coop went to his desk and began to look up the Castagnacci family. He had to figure out how the family tied in to Daniel’s death.

Jessica looked to Nikki and Hunter. The look on her face said: "You honestly believe this lunatic?"

“Best you do too!” Hunter affirmed, looking at Freddy with a grin as he got his spelunking gear out. Rock climbing was his hobby. The gear also worked for exploring in caves.

Kelli chimed in, “He’s not as crazy as you think! We survived the experience along with him.”

Hunter looked at Jessica’s outfit and recognized another enthusiast. “You two care to join us? Dan said something spooked him in there. We’re going in to check it out.”

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