Rollin' In

Jackson knew his face was drained of its blood. A migraine was starting to invade his brain.

He looked up. Seeing Allison brought a smile to his face. “I’ll be okay! It’s not the first time I gave news to a family that their son won’t be calling on Mothers’ Day this year.”

Allison's face twisted with grief. "I can't believe Daniel's gone..." She hadn't managed to process that reality yet, things were moving fast. She saw the look on Jackson's face and saw how the loss was hitting him, and was compelled to reach over and touch his hand. "Jack..."

Jackson stood from his desk. “How’s the investigation coming? What can I do to help?”

Allison pulled her hand back. "We've hit a wall until this Simon guy wakes up. And the Castagnacci lawyers are stonewalling us. Which is why I came to you... I was wondering if you could work some CIA magic to get us in a room with Milo...?"


Hunter looked at Jessica’s outfit and recognized another enthusiast. “You two care to join us? Dan said something spooked him in there. We’re going in to check it out.”

Jessica shook her head. "We already went in. All that's down there is a wreck of a car, my brother's bones, and some strange seal that this guy," she gestured to the mook, "says is meant to keep the spirits of angry miners at bay."

"And they're free." The mook said with a tone that chilled Freddy and Jessica. "They're no doubt headed to town as we speak to exact their vengeance..."


(OOC: Due to jl's absence I'm gonna take a small liberty and write for Carson and Nodia.)

She looked up at him and tried to smile. "um yeah im fine.. Just... I think... Um there was a shoot out. " she said and akward giggle escaped her.

Gus's eyes widened in surprise. "A shootout? You okay? What happened?"

Nodia shrugged, "I guess I am... I dunno. It was..." She shook her head. "I saw a man who helped me get shot. I nearly got shot several times. And I still don't know what it was all about."

Carson finally entered the room and saw the look of concern on Gus's face she went to Nodia. "You sound like you're in shock, still."

"Yeah, I went to the hospital but they let me go, said I was okay aside from that and that I just needed to rest. But... I don't think I want to go home. It happened right in front of the trailer park and no doubt it's still full of cops. So I came here."

Carson embraced Nodia in a reaffirming hug, "We're here for you, Nodia."

Gus sighed, "Jesus... If there was a shootout I bet Allison and the others were involved. Maybe Freddy too. I'll call them." He produced his cell phone and looked to Carson. "You take Nodia to the back room and keep her company."

Carson nodded and took Nodia to the back room to sit on the couch. Gus tried calling Allison first.

"Gus I can't talk right now, I'm very busy." Allison said when she answered.

"So I guess the news of the shootout was true? My friend Nodia was just in it."

Allison knew she had seen that girl before, now it fell into place. "She alright?"

"Shaken up, but okay. What's going on? Do you need my help?" Gus asked.

There was a long pause. "Daniel's dead..."

Gus closed his eyes. "My god... Allison, I'm..." Since saving the world, Gus had gotten close with most of the agents Allison worked with. The blow hit him significantly. "Who did it?"

"It's something to do with a Vegas mob family."

"The Castagnacci's..." Gus said dully.

"Lemme guess? You've had run ins with them?"

"In a way, not directly, but I ended up mixed in with some of their money troubles not too long ago..." Gus shook his head again, it always came back to that family... "Look, if you need me for anything you got my--" Then the line suddenly went dead. "Hello?"

Gus looked to his phone, saw there was suddenly no signal. Then a chill went up his spine, a chill he knew came not from a nip in the air but was another gift of The Sight. Something was coming. He glanced out the window and saw an eerie fog rolling towards the town from the desert. It was thick, and it seemed to move with a purpose. This wasn't ordinary fog, but Gus knew it wasn't something only he could see, yet it was clearly not-of-this-world.

"Carson..." He shouted to the back of the store as he went to the front door. "Lock up the back!"

Ira was standing behind the nurse's station and occasionally glancing at the one uniformed officer standing next to Simon's room as he thought of a way to get him out of there. Simon would owe him big time for this, that was for sure. He pretended to look at a chart and struggled to figure out a plan.

Meanwhile, Simon was laying in his bed, pretending to be asleep. He was actually having a hard time staying awake due to the pain meds for his leg. Yet the feeling of a pair of handcuffs on his wrist kept his mind alert enough to stave off unconsciousness.

Ira suddenly entered the room and shut the door. "I've got good news... and I've got bad news."

"Good news, please." Simon said, snapping his eyes open.

"I think I've got a way to get you outta here." Ira told him.

"The bad news?" Simon asked.

"I'm going to have to kill you to do it." Ira said bluntly.


Miles found himself wandering into the Jackalope Diner. He was high as a kite. Having managed to swipe some oxy from a sleeping cancer patient, he was back on cloud nine as far as he was concerned. The owner and cook of the diner, Orson, gave Miles a concerned look.

"You're looking particularly bright-eyed today, Mr. Daniels." Orson said. "Can I get you something?"

"Waffles, my good man." Miles said with an exaggerated grin. "I'm feelin' good today."

"I can tell..." Orson said as Miles took a seat at the front counter. "Well... Waffles it is." Orson disappeared into the kitchen.

Miles looked around, the restaurant wasn't particularly full, but there were some patrons enjoying cups of coffee and the like. Then his eyes fell on a young blonde whom he recognized.

"Isobel Vaughan." He hollered from the other side of the diner. "What'cha doin' in a dive like this?" He got up and sauntered to her booth. "Surprised to see you here, actually. Don't you know what's been going down?"

Isobel frowned at him. "Miles..." She sighed. "I'm just trying to have a quiet day, okay. Could you assault someone else with your BO?"

Miles chuckled. "Milo Castagnacci is in jail. Your boyfriend's brother? Your father's business associate. Figure you have to know something."

"You ain't a cop, and even if you were I still wouldn't tell you." Isobel said, managing to hide the surprise she felt at that news. She did recall her father was gonna be gone the night before on some errand for Milo. Then the anger returned, the image of her father clutching his bloodied hand came into her mind. "But I say: fuck Milo. Fucker deserves worse."

Miles frowned. "Sounds like things aren't so good between you and Mr. Castagnacci. You know... I've got an open ear if yer needin' to talk."

Isobel could tell Miles was high on something. The loser had lost his job over it, after all. Plus she'd given him plenty of the drugs that ended his career, until she had to cut him off. "Fuck off, Miles."

Miles made an exaggerated sad face. "Aww, come on pumpkin, I'm not tryin' to hit on you, and like you said I'm no cop so it don't matter what you tell me." He took a seat in her booth and cocked his head. "Just a old friend wonderin' what's going on in your head. Concerned-like."

"We were never friends, Miles."

"You sold me drugs, sucked my prick, and I overlooked plenty of those parking tickets from back when you were doing that weird stargazing hobby of yours with..." He had a bit of bitterness to his next words. "...Sheriff Newport."

The thought of Allison stung her heart. And it made her look at Miles with newfound disdain. "Get the fuck out of here."

Miles shrugged. "Hey, I don't like the bitch anymore than you do. We got that in common."

Isobel shrugged after finally relenting. "I suppose..."

"What she do to you anyways?" Miles asked. "I mean, she took my job. Well... I say took my job but really she just replaced me. I fucked myself over, I can admit that. But she was guarding a fucking toilet stop in the boonies before becoming Sheriff. It never sat well with me. But... what about you?"

Isobel sighed and remained silent for a long time before, finally, speaking. "Shit I don't know why I'm telling you this. But... she was my friend. We... we both had things happen to us. Strange things no one else believed, and when we were close to figuring out the truth... She disappeared for days. Then she showed up with a new badge and turned on me. Said what happened to me wasn't real. She... the bitch betrayed me." Suddenly it all came spilling out. "She was gonna help me find out what happened to Nate! Then she suddenly says it doesn't matter! I think... I think she knows what happened but someone's paid her to keep quiet! She was my friend! And she won't tell me what happened to my boyfriend! And she treats me like some crazy person!"

Miles frowned. "Nate? You and her were lookin' into his death too?"

"Why do you think I suddenly became interested in you?" She looked at him with an annoyed look. "It was to get info on what happened."

Miles suddenly burst out laughing. "Shit, you jumped my bones for a little information??? Shit, I thought you just had a thing for men with power. Like yer, daddy."

Isobel reached over the table and slapped him across the face. "Fuck you, Miles!"

Miles nursed his cheek and shrugged. "Alright, I deserved that. Look, I don't blame you for using me. But... seriously now, what happened with your search into Nate's death?"

"Like I said," Isobel said as she sat back in her seat. "We found out where it happened, and we were gonna go up to Mt. Charleston to see if we couldn't find something the authorities would've missed..."

"What would they have missed?" Miles asked.

Isobel sighed. "You're gonna think I'm nuts."

"Well I'm riding a good high right now, maybe it'll soften the blow."

"We think aliens had something to do with it." Isobel said.

"Shit, the way it looked up there, I wouldn't be surprised." Miles said.

"But I got held up what with Nate's funeral and Johnny getting killed. I hid out for a while and so Allison went up there on her own. She disappeared for days, and then came back... different. That was around the same time we had that strange military exercise happen, and those new suits that she's always hanging around with showed up there too." Isobel pointed out.

"Sounds like a good old fashioned conspiracy to me." Miles said with a smirk. "Shit... Maybe she's workin for some organization, and she's keeping things under wraps."

Isobel nodded. "That's what I've been wondering."

"Gotta say," Miles grinned. "It'd make a whole lick of sense, despite how crazy it sounds. But this UFO shit's all over this town. Bettin more than half the people here believe in that kind of shit. Hell, I know you do."

Isobel shrugged, "But I don't know what to do about it. And with my dad back in town, working for Milo... I just..."

Miles nodded. "Hey, how about we team up and see what we can find about our lovely new Sheriff?"

Isobel looked at him, surprised. "You'd... help me? After everything?"

"Why not? We both got a bone to pick with her. And it's obviously eating you up inside, somethin' fierce. I can do some snoopin' you can do some snoopin', and we try to get to the bottom of this."

"Why though? Why do this for me?" Isobel asked.

"Your boyfriend's death has been nagging at me, nothing about it was right. And the fact I couldn't figure out what happened... the official story was someone used him to get to Johnny... I never bought it. Everything about that case stank to high heaven, and not in a way I'm used to. Something strange happened up there, and I want to know why."

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