Bring In the Feds

Allison pulled her hand back. "We've hit a wall until this Simon guy wakes up. And the Castagnacci lawyers are stonewalling us. Which is why I came to you... I was wondering if you could work some CIA magic to get us in a room with Milo...?"

At that moment, Allison’s phone rang. It was Gus. "Gus I can't talk right now, I'm very busy." Allison said when she answered.

Jackson awaited for Allison to get off the phone. Then an idea hit him. Jackson pushed his headache aside and smiled. It was a smile that told his team that he had an angle that would help. “I see what Castagnacci did as a terrorist act, don’t you? The Federal Government is about to become involved.”

Cooper recognized it and agreed. “A group of men with automatic rifles attacking a trailer park. The spin would be you don’t need that many automatic weapons for one man. Their intent was to enter the trailer park. But why would they do so?”

“They wanted the land for one of their underhanded projects,” Jackson added. Jackson had seen others use their Government position to turn things in the laws favor. If this meant his job, so be it. He had to answer to a young man’s mother and father.

Turning to Allison, Jackson asked, “Are you ready to play hardball?”

Jessica shook her head. "We already went in. All that's down there is a wreck of a car, my brother's bones, and some strange seal that this guy," she gestured to the mook, "says is meant to keep the spirits of angry miners at bay."

"And they're free." The mook said with a tone that chilled Freddy and Jessica. "They're no doubt headed to town as we speak to exact their vengeance..."

“How many miners are we talking about?” Kelli asked. “Spirits are worse to deal with than aliens. You don’t always know they’re around.”

Hunter grinned. “And I suppose you knew right away that Carson was an alien?”

Kelli gave Hunter a look. He often got that look. She often got a look from him. The look usually meant, Wait til I get you alone!”

Hunter turned to Freddy, “It sounds like a job for our joint team. How do we stop them? Put the seal back together?”

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