A Shadow Over Jackalope Crossing

The whole time Jackson was speaking, Coop was inches from Castagnacci’s face staring him down. If Jackson give him the okay, Castagnacci wouldn’t live through the interview.

“I wouldn’t think about trying an escape, Milo. Or a release. That’s what Coop there wants. To see you on the outside. Your best chance of life is in the Federal Justice System.”

Allison could tell from the look on Milo's face that both Jackson and Coop had managed to put the fear of God, and Coop, in him. Milo's eyes darted between the three of them in a desperate bid to figure out what to do next and then, out of nowhere, he started laughing.

More cackling like a madman.

It was clear something had snapped in him. He finally stopped to take a breath from the fit and sighed. "Fine... what do you fuckers want to know? I'll tell you everything. Give you the names of several of my contacts, colleagues, and information on all their operations. Just..." he looked to Coop and a manic chuckle erupted from him. "...don't let that dude anywhere near me."


Freddy and Jessica drove in Freddy's car while Hunter and Kelli went in theirs. They had breached the fog around the time it reached the town. It was already getting late and now the street lamps had come on, casting eerie cones of light through the fog.

"I can't believe this is happening." Jessica said. "This is like a nightmare."

"I still can't get a hold of Gus or anyone on the phone." Freddy said as he firmly placed his phone in one of the empty cup holders in the car. "My guess it's the fog, typical horror movie nonsense."

He signaled with his blinker to let Hunter know he was about to pull over on the side of the street and got out after he did. He looked around and he felt a strange, static-like feeling run up his spine as he sniffed the air. It was carrying hints of what he could only describe as "death" on it.

"More bad mojo." Freddy remarked. He glanced to Hunter's car and when the two got out he said: "Can't reach anyone on the phone. We need to find Gus. Or Allison. Or both, probably. Might need their combined weirdness to combat this weirdness. What do you think? Split up? Ms. Nelson and I will find Gus and Carson, you rendezvous with Allison and your dad's team?"

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