The Fog

"Fine... what do you fuckers want to know? I'll tell you everything. Give you the names of several of my contacts, colleagues, and information on all their operations. Just..." he looked to Coop and a manic chuckle erupted from him. "...don't let that dude anywhere near me."

Jackson put a pen and pad on the table. Pulling a key from his pocket, he unlocked one cuff and clasped it to the back of the chair, leaving Milo’s right hand free.

“Have a seat and start writing,” Jackson ordered. “Mr. Cooper will remain until you finish and sign. I want everything, Milo. If anything, and I mean anything is missing, Coop will be turned loose on you.”

“Allison,” Jackson requested, “can I see you just outside?” He turned to Coop. “Any issues, don’t hold back.”

"More bad mojo." Freddy remarked. He glanced to Hunter's car and when the two got out he said: "Can't reach anyone on the phone. We need to find Gus. Or Allison. Or both, probably. Might need their combined weirdness to combat this weirdness. What do you think? Split up? Ms. Nelson and I will find Gus and Carson, you rendezvous with Allison and your dad's team?"

“Gotcha!” Hunter exclaimed. “Keep your eyes open. This is really eerie. Be safe! We’ll meet you at the bar.”

Hunter put the Jeep in gear and went ahead of Freddy. In ten minutes, he was parking in front of the building that was a front for his father’s CIA operation. It also served as location that aliens could keep in contact with the US government.

Jen didn’t like the look of the fog. Her anxiety increased as she tried to call Hunter and it wouldn’t go through. She kept everyone inside as the fog seemed to cr

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