Dead Rising

Jackson and Allison got in the government Suburban. Hunter followed his father to the town hall. When they arrived, they immediately began looking for their friends.

Freddy parked in front of the town hall and stepped out of the car. Jennifer did the same and looked to the three strangers in the back. She had all but given up being the skeptic after seeing an army of ghosts marching towards the town hall as well. The idea that one of them had some sort of second sight no longer sounded crazy.

The fact that the blonde girl was an alien, however, she was still coming to grips with.

Gus stepped out and glanced down the street where the ghostly fog was slowly approaching.

"We don't have much time." Gus said aloud so everyone could hear it.

"Oh no! It's the feds!" Freddy said in a jovial tone as he spotted the government suburban pulling up. "Over here guys!"


Simon couldn't believe his eyes. He had stopped in the middle of an intersection on his way out of town when he was stopped by a wall of ghosts. And at the forefront of this particular group was Johnny Castagnacci, and next to him were the Vaughans.

"Oh fuck." Simon muttered before throwing his car into reverse. The ghosts started sprinting after him with deadly determination.

Isobel and Miles were sprinting after the orb as it bounced off trees and continued up the slope of the mountain. After following it until the point where both of them were exhausted Miles finally had enough.

"I can't keep going, baby doll!" He wheezed. "I'm going through withdrawals and things are starting to spin."

Isobel was breathing heavy, "It's there! We have to keep going!"

"Look, I agree with you but I'm dyin' here!" Miles had to take a knee.

Isobel watched the orb disappear into the darkness of the trees and started to press on. "I'm not letting this go."

Miles groaned and slowly started to follow the girl again. "This girl's gonna kill me..." He huffed after her, almost losing her in the dense forest until, suddenly, he found her standing in front of a large cave mouth that was shaped like the letter "W."

"Isobel?" Miles found himself transfixed by the cave. "What...?"

"It went in there." Isobel said. "I... I want to go in but... there's."

Miles knew what she was talking about before she even said it. There was an eerie feeling that was suddenly radiating out from his gut. It was forming into a black ball of pure dread. It was screaming for him that if he entered that cave, he'd die.

"Come on. This is getting way too freaky." Miles said. "I'm getting bad vibes from this place."

"I can't go, Miles." Isobel said. "I've got nothing else. Nothing but this."

"Girl, seriously." Miles said. "My spidey-sense is going off like crazy. Nothing good is in that cave."

"Then stay, I'm going in." Isobel fought her instinct to flee and started towards the entrance of the cave.

"Isobel!" Miles shouted as she disappeared into the darkness. Miles produced a revolver from his ankle holster and went in after her. The darkness engulfed him, carefully Miles pushed deeper into the cave. He could hear Isobel's footsteps far ahead of him.

"Oh my god! Miles! Miles!" Isobel suddenly shouted.

Miles started to run, the feeling in his gut was intense, but now his senses were amped from the rush of adrenaline. He noticed the darkness was giving way to a faint purple light. He noticed the ground was no longer rock, it was metallic. Pipes were running along the ceiling like large snakes.

"Isobel!?" Miles shouted. "Where are you!"

"Miles!" He heard her voice, she was further away but still ahead. He made note of how the walls were becoming more... alien. That was the best way he could put it, the pipes were unlike anything he'd ever seen, the metal walls and floor were almost iridescent. He wondered what this place was.

Then he found himself in a room with a series of tubes in a circle in the middle of the room. Isobel was standing near one of these tubes. She looked horrified.

"Look..." She gestured to the tube nearest her.

Miles couldn't believe his eyes. Nate Castagnacci was inside the tube.

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