The Reckoning

"Oh no! It's the feds!" Freddy said in a jovial tone as he spotted the government suburban pulling up. "Over here guys!"

Nadia looked around, she had hoped it was all a dream but that hooe had been in vain. She gave gus and carson a week smiled as she followed them. "so the Mayer can make all this go away right? He can get things back to normal? " though what was normal in jackalope really?

Jackson noticed the female civilian from the shootout still with Freddy, Gus, and Carson. He didn’t recognize the other girl. He took note that Nodia still seemed to be in shock. And, why wouldn’t she be? Daniel got blown away right next to her and now this.

Jackson and Allison ran to catch up. “You can always count on Jackalope for the paranormal!” Jackson said with a grin. He was actually looking forward to another challenge.

At the Prickly Cactus, Jen approached the ghostly figure that was busy keeping the others out. His eyes were blank and there was a distinct hole in his head.

“Daniel, right?” she asked.

The figure looked at her, well, more like through her. She took that to mean it was Daniel.

“Oh Daniel,” she tearfully cried, “I’m so sorry!”

Dirty Dan began to sing <i> Danny Boy</i> in the best Irish Tenor he could muster. It was respectfully done, to honor the life Daniel gave to serve and protect.

Jen looked at Dirty Dan on surprise. “Sometimes,” she said, still tearing up, “I think I misjudge you.”

Dirty Dan gave a senile cackle at that. “Ever’body does!”

Back at City Hall, Hunter, Kelli, and Coop we’re jumping out of the Jeep. Hunter and Kelli were nearly up with the others, when they noticed Coop had stopped.

Cooper’s head was woozy and his eyes blank. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed, “Something loopy is happening!” His mind went blank and his vision dark. When the lights came on, he was with Daniel.

“Did the ghosts get me?” Coop asked. “Am I dead?”

“No,” Daniel said. “So, you know about the ghosts?”

“The fuck yeh!” Coop exclaimed.

“Get to the mayor! Do what you have to to protect the people,” Daniel informed Coop. “Tell Hunter the Prickly Cactus is safe.”

And like that, Coop was there in the middle of everything happening. Hunter and Kelli ran back to him. “Are you okay?” they shouted.

“Yeh! I’m fine!” Coop announced. “The Cactus is safe, Hunter. Daniel told me.”

Hunter looked at Kelli, then Coop. For some reason, he believed the man. After all, it had happened before with others.

Jackson took the lead in front of the others. The mayor’s administrative assistant saw the large group arriving and attempted to stop them. “The mayor is in the middle of a very important me...”

Jackson interrupted her, “CIA... we’re here on official business.” Jackson continued on to the mayor’s door and burst through, expecting the mayor to be playing with his putting green.

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