Past to present

There was an event." Baker explained. "A catastrophic event which sent ripples across space and time that no one could've anticipated." He glanced to Carson once again. "You know of what I speak."

"The genocide of the Kakabel." Gus said as he looked to his love.

Carson met the warlocks gaze without flinching but inside her hear seized in her chest. It was easy to forget when she was with gus. Whem she was with freinds or going about life, but she always got brought back to what she she had done. She didn't regret it. She would do it again. But she still felt what she had done was something unforgivable and this only confirmed her guilt driven fears. She felt Gus's eyes on her but couldn't look at him.

"The Mandala must be repaired." Baker said. "And I hope with your help we can make that happen. Come... there isn't much time." Baker waved his hand at the pentagram on the floor and much to the surprise of everyone the circle gave way to a spiral staircase. Baker descended the staircase and gestured for the others to follow.

"Are we really gonna follow the supposed warlock down there?" Freddy asked. "What if it's some sort of creepy sex dungeon full of traps?"

Nodia shook her head "oh no iv seen this movie... Nothing good happens when you follow the creepy dude into the creepy basement." but no one seemed to think that was a good enough reason because after a short debate they followed him down the stairs anway. She sighed and trailed after them. This was such a bad idea.

The group began to follow Baker down the stairs, they seemed to go on forever. As they descended Gus went over to Carson to see how she was dealing with the revelation that, in some way, she was somehow responsible for the events transpiring here.

"How're you holding up?" Gus asked her.

Carson gave him a small smile "im fine... It is just always hard to predict how the past will play out in the present." she shrugged and kept walking not wanting to talk about it further.

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