Down the Spiral Stairs

"Are we really gonna follow the supposed warlock down there?" Freddy asked. "What if it's some sort of creepy sex dungeon full of traps?"

"Jack," Allison looked to Jackson, "This guy's the real deal. He's linked to something I've never seen before, the cosmos feeds it somehow."

"I saw it too." Gus nodded. "This guy is a goddamn warlock."

Coop listened to everyone. Aliens were one thing, but ghosts were another. You couldn’t kill what was already dead, but maybe they could help them to the other side.

Daniel’s words came back to him. “Daniel said,” Coop expressed, “that we had to do what we must. I think he meant we were the only chance to get things back to normal.”

The paranormal was the norm though in Jackalope Crossing. Coop shook his head knowing what he said didn’t make sense. “Or at least back to just aliens,” he added.

"Shit." Freddy rubbed his neck in frustration. "No stranger than aliens I guess. But can we trust him?"

Baker suddenly returned, behind Freddy. "For now there are greater threats than me." Freddy practically jumped out of his skin. "When this is over I will submit myself over to you, Sheriff Newport, and accept the consequences of my actions. All I did was in the name of protecting a power that I fear has now grown beyond my control. Come... we haven't much time."

The group began to follow Baker down the stairs, they seemed to go on forever. As they descended Gus went over to Carson to see how she was dealing with the revelation that, in some way, she was somehow responsible for the events transpiring here.

Jackson and Freddy were up front, just behind Mayor Baker. Jackson didn’t want anyone on his team directly behind Baker, especially Allison. He noted that Baker claimed he would surrender to her afterward, but Jackson wanted to ensure there was an after this.

Meanwhile, Allison had sidled up next to Jackson and gave him a friendly nudge. "So... does the CIA have procedures for how to lock up a warlock?"

“No idea,” Jackson replied with a grin as he winked at her.

Hunter and Kelli brought up the rear, following Gus, Carson, Nodia and Jessica, with Coop in tow. “Looks like your dad has a love interest,” Kelli whispered to Hunter, motioning with her head toward Allison.

“I suppose,” Hunter whispered back, “he deserves another chance to get things right.”

“You turned out pretty well,” Kelli teased. “I don’t think he did too badly.”

“Oh Lawd!” Coop exclaimed. “This is creepier than the mountain. Ima gonna say my prayers on this one.” His eyes were open wide, making sure if anything out of the ordinary happened, it would surprise him and cause him to piss his pants. “I hope Daniel understood this is what we needed to do!”

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