The Free and the Brave

You have your task, Jackalopes." Charles said with newfound determination. "Be swift! For there is little time to waste!"

Carson laced her fingers through gus's and gave him a small nod to incate she was ready when he was. Nodia made a small sound. Ahe had no idea how any of these people could be going about like this was totally normal. She was really close to loosing her shit.she wasnt sure why but some part of her told her she was in this now and kept her firmly rooted with the group.

Jackson winked toward Allison. He had become accustomed to her being by his side as part of the team. Now, after revealing their feelings toward each other, Jackson felt less inclined to hide these.

“We’ve got this!” Jackson said as encouragement to Allison.

Hunter was relieved when Mayor Baker said the targets they’d be facing would succumb to normal weapons. It took a special heroic act by Carson to defeat the Kakabel.

Hunter picked up an AR-15. He was beginning to get used to using weapons. Kelli followed suit, seeing an AK-47. Coop opted for the M27 IAR.

Coop was still feeling eerie about things, especially since Daniel made contact with him from the afterlife. However, he followed Daniel’s words and volunteered to take point.

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