Into The Breach

Allison finished handcuffing Baker and looked to Charles. "I trust you won't let him out?"

"I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions, Sheriff." Baker said with utter certainty. "I just pray you and your friends are successful."

Charles looked upwards. "I feel chaos is descending upon the town."


Simon was racing down the street in his stolen car, a wall of ghosts hot on his heels. When he turned he found a similar group of ghouls blocking the path. Not willing to test what would happen if he drove through them he slammed on the brakes and looked back to see the pursing ghosts advancing on him.

Simon hopped out of the car and looked for a place of refuge and found himself in a familiar place: The Prickly Cactus. Seeing no other option he bolted for the door and found it was locked shut. He started banging on the door.

"Hey! Is anyone alive in there!?!" The ghosts were closing in on him.


The Jackalope Gang pressed into the catacombs of the mandala. Seeing that they were more likely to see something the others wouldn't, Gus and Allison were at the front of the group. Gus brandished a torch and a Chiappa Rhino 50DS while Allison kept her sidearm at the ready. They both were seeing gusts of color twist up and down the stone corridor, energy of some sort but since the others didn't notice they didn't bother mentioning them. They didn't seem to be harmful in any way.

"You remember how Baker said we had to be part of someone's larger plan?" Allison asked Gus.

"I noticed, yeah." Gus nodded. "You think he has a point?"

"I dunno. Charles said that The Sight is just the next step in our evolution. But... I dunno... what if it was part of some larger scheme?"

"Let's hope the scheme is in line with our own goals." Gus shrugged. "So far it seems to be the case. If not... well I dunno what we can do."

That sent a chill down Allison's spine.

Freddy brandished a SPAS-12 shotgun and looked to Jessica, who was looking a little lost at the moment. He went over to her. "Hey. How you holdin' up?"

Jessica shrugged. "I just found out that aliens and magic were real. How do you think?"

"Actually you seem to be handling it rather well." Freddy couldn't help but notice.

Jessica shrugged again. "Seems we have bigger issues at the moment."

Freddy chuckled. "True!"

The corridor opened up into a massive chamber with a similar strange-looking magical device in the center, though this one was smaller and was glowing with a sickly orange.

"The heck is that?" Allison asked.

The flows of energy that The Sighted had been seeing were getting collected by the machine and then sent off to the three other corridor entrances in the room.

"Which way?" Freddy asked.

Before anyone could answer it looked like the cave ceiling came tumbling down. In actuality, a large number of boulders had tumbled from the ceiling and were now beginning to move of their own volition. Slowly shaping into a humanoid shape.

"I think we just found one of those tulpa things!" Freddy exclaimed as he aimed his shotgun.

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