Trying To Stay Calm

Everyone reloaded their weapons with what little ammunition remained and pressed on towards the adjacent tunnel next to the one Jessica had sealed. Allison peered down the corridor in the hopes that The Sight would provide clues as to whether or not the passage would lead them to their destination and to Nodia and Jessica. All she saw were more faint wafts of ghostly energy dart into the darkness beyond.

Coop watched as the others walked away. Instinctively, he reloaded his gun before they vanished in the darkness.

He watched as the wound Gus had closed; the bleeding stopped. “Shit! That’s better than any slap shod medic experience I’ve ever been able to do!” he said to Carson.

“As long as Gus has you by his side,” Coop comforted Carson, raising a hand to her shoulder, “he’ll be just fine. Just fine.”

The second he said to convince himself. First Daniel, now Gus. Cooper didn’t want to lose anymore members. He wondered if they all had met their match on this case.

Jackson reluctantly followed Allison. Not that he minded following her, he’d follow Allison anywhere, but Jackson didn’t like the idea of her on point. Anything could happen to the person up front. He kept a good eye on the situation ready to blast anything approaching Allison.

That was then that a group of cloaked figures stepped out from the shadows and started to advance on the group. They looked like nazgul from Lord of The Rings, clad in black with an obvious set of armor underneath. The metal footfalls echoed in the cathedral.

“The fuck?” Hunter questioned. “I’m expecting Sargon to come walking in behind them.”

Kelli readied her fun, not exactly sure where to fire. She was in the dark, as much as the others, except for Allison.

“Allison?” Jackson probed. “Tell me where to aim. You’re the only one that knows. Are there five before us or just one giving the illusion of five?”

Simon shook his head. "What's with grandpa?" He asked.

“Don’t mind him,” Jen smirked. “He’s a bit touched in the head.”

Jen retrieved a bottle of Crown and sat it on the table with two glasses. He needed it for his pain. She needed it to remain calm. It wouldn’t do if she panicked in front of the others.

Jen poured two glasses, saying, “It’s on the house. No charge during crisis,” she snickered.

“Looking down at his leg, Jen added, “Lemme look at that.”

Without waiting for an answer, she began pulling the pants leg up. She was a mother. She cared for her kids. Hopefully, they were alright. She tried several times, but the phones weren’t working. Jen realized she had to keep herself busy to keep her mind from wandering.

“You’ve been on this to much,” she stated. “It’s pulling at the stitches.” Blood was oozing through a slight opening. “I can help.”

Looking to Dan, she ordered, “Dan, get me something high in alcohol. It should be easy to find. And I need a clean bar cloth.

Dan went and got a bottle of scotch. He poured himself a drink, gathered a clean rag, and brought them to Jen. He watched as Jen went to work.

“This may sting a little,” she admitted as she poured some of the Scotch on the wound, catching the runoff with the cloth under his leg. She took the cloth and gently cleaned the wound. “ The alcohol should help with any infection. That done, Jen tenderly pulled the stitches tighter, then retied the ends into a knot. “There! All done! How’s the patient?”

“I think the patient is patient,” Dan chimed in with a cackle.

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