Cleric Beast

(Apologies for the delay in this post. I literally spent the last week mulling over whether or not I was gonna kill off Gus. And now I've come to a decision...)

Kelli readied her fun, not exactly sure where to fire. She was in the dark, as much as the others, except for Allison.

“Allison?” Jackson probed. “Tell me where to aim. You’re the only one that knows. Are there five before us or just one giving the illusion of five?”

"I can't tell!" Allison's eyes darted every which way. To every cloaked figure in the room. "They all look like projections, but I can't find the source." Despite the fact that she knew that these tulpa required the belief of its victims in order to be solid, she wasn't sure they couldn't be dangerous regardless. She continued to scan the cathedral but still couldn't see the creature's true form hidden behind the veil of false reality her Sight allowed her to see through.

And then she paused. Her eyes turned upward.

The damn thing was clinging to the ceiling!

Like a giant, white, spider with a number of arms "puppeteering" the nazguul. And when Allison saw it the tulpa didn't seem to appreciate being detected. One of the cloaked figures rushed towards Allison and reached out to her with a mangled, metallic, hand.


“This may sting a little,” she admitted as she poured some of the Scotch on the wound, catching the runoff with the cloth under his leg. She took the cloth and gently cleaned the wound. “ The alcohol should help with any infection. That done, Jen tenderly pulled the stitches tighter, then retied the ends into a knot. “There! All done! How’s the patient?”

“I think the patient is patient,” Dan chimed in with a cackle.

Simon winced as Jen tended to his wound. He couldn't help but smirk at Dan's lame puns. This was a eclectic group of locals. He chuckled to himself and grabbed the bottle of Scotch from Jen and downed a slug.

"Thanks," he said to Jen as the Scotch warmed his belly. He wasn't used to being treated so kindly by a stranger. Especially a cute one. He looked over to the ghost of Daniel. "Is there anything we can do to help you with this killer ghost problem?"


She pray to whoever or whatever was out there listening whatever god-dd alien or dead person might happen to be paying attention. Pushing all her energy and focus again she tried to work her way inside of your ass is mine to try and pull him back but it was like a dark sticky void in there a grade nothing but she couldn't seem to find an end to. This wasn't death but this wasn't mine and she wasn't having it. Focusing she used to remind to call to him where ever it was he had gone. "gus? Gus baby its time to come back...come back to me"

Gus could hear her voice, it was distant, but there was a sort of reverb to her voice as it danced across the void that made it echo all around him.

Vargas smiled. "She won't let you go."

"And I'm not gonna be let go." Gus told Vargas firmly. "I've still got a job to do here."

Vargas smiled again, this time at his friend. "That's right. You do. Because what comes after... The endgame... You're gonna need to be there."

"What? Endgame?" Gus frowned.

"We're almost at the end, Gus." Vargas told him. "Everything since that night in the Gas-n-Go. It's been building to a moment. And that moment is coming. But right now, this takes precedence." Vargas held out his hand, inside was a strange glowing orb.

"What is that?" Gus asked.

"The cork that'll stop the drain." Vargas told him. "Get to Allison, use it at the heart. It will put an end to this nonsense."

Gus nodded, Vargas was on the other side, he knew things no living person could possibly know, he wasn't about to question his friend's new found wisdom. He took the orb gingerly from Vargas and suddenly he felt himself snap back to his own body.

His eyes opened, he saw Carson. Without thinking he brought his head up so his lips would meet her's and when the kiss broke he smiled at her and traced the side of her face with his hands.

"I heard you in there." He smiled. "You really are a miracle, you know that?"

Gus then looked to his other hand. The Orb was there. He looked to Carson and the others. "We need to get to Allison and the others. I have what they need to stop this."


"It's up..." Allison tried to say before the nazguul had its jagged fingers around her neck. Despite knowing it was a projection the damn thing was being fueled by the true tulpa's rage to the point its rage was being twisted into true form. Allison struggled against the nazguul's grip, but it was like a vice, choking the life out of her.

The tulpa was desperate to take out the only person that could see it. Strip the team of their one and only advantage...


"why did you shoot gus?" she asked in a braver tine then she felt. "coulddnt you have just put the gun to my head and much like you did it seems a bit much to have shot him and a tad bit unnecessary" dramatic was the word that came to mind but she didnt think it wise to call a lady with a gun that.

Jessica turned and looked at Nodia. "You don't know what he is, do you? What your friend, Gus, and Sheriff Newport really are? They're far more dangerous than any of us. Even me. Killing him was a necessity. And had I been given the chance, I'd have killed Sheriff Newport as well." She turned back and continued down the stone corridor.

There was a deep, rhythmic, beating that grew louder and deeper the further they went in.

They were getting close to the heartstone.

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