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His eyes opened, he saw Carson. Without thinking he brought his head up so his lips would meet her's and when the kiss broke he smiled at her and traced the side of her face with his hands.

"I heard you in there." He smiled. "You really are a miracle, you know that?"

Gus then looked to his other hand. The Orb was there. He looked to Carson and the others. "We need to get to Allison and the others. I have what they need to stop this."

Carson kissed him back and held if hand to her face tears of joy running down her cheek. "no im not you are, now that you got me back for it there will be no more of u trying to die on me" at his worda she looked at the orb and nodded "help me get him up." she said and moved to put his arm around her shoulders to help him stand.


Jessica turned and looked at Nodia. "You don't know what he is, do you? What your friend, Gus, and Sheriff Newport really are? They're far more dangerous than any of us. Even me. Killing him was a necessity. And had I been given the chance, I'd have killed Sheriff Newport as well." She turned back and continued down the stone corridor.

There was a deep, rhythmic, beating that grew louder and deeper the further they went in.

They were getting close to the heartstone.

Nodia frowned she almost sounded like they were the bad guys here. "so what are they then? " she asked. She herd a steady thumping sound that was growing the cave walls almost vibrating with the sound. It sounded ominous and like a warning making the hair on her arms and neck stand up. She didnt realy want to get closer to the sound but that was where crazy lady was taking them.

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