Radar Senses

Like a giant, white, spider with a number of arms "puppeteering" the nazguul. And when Allison saw it the tulpa didn't seem to appreciate being detected. One of the cloaked figures rushed towards Allison and reached out to her with a mangled, metallic, hand.

Jackson followed her eyes to the ceiling. Nothing was clear to him. It was a bit of a blur up there. Jackson couldn’t figure if something was up there or he was losing his sight in the darkness of the vast cavern.

When the wight began to rush at Allison, Jackson had to remind himself that it wasn’t real. The thing knew Allison was the one who could really see it. Still, Jackson didn’t like it rushing at Allison. He pushed Allison out of the way at the last second. Looking the wight in the eye, Jackson lifted his gun and fired at the ceiling. It was the last place she had looked.

“The ceiling!” Jackson shouted.

Hunter and Kelli began to fire up at a gray blob. They too couldn’t see any distinguishing features, but had learned to trust the sight.

"Thanks," he said to Jen as the Scotch warmed his belly. He wasn't used to being treated so kindly by a stranger. Especially a cute one. He looked over to the ghost of Daniel. "Is there anything we can do to help you with this killer ghost problem?"

“Daniel,” Jen nodded toward the ghost, “is a friend. He’s been keeping the others outside.” She poured herself a drink and sat across from Simon.

Dirty Dan looked at Simon. “You a ghostbuster, son? Who ya gonna call?” He cackled away, then made the sound of a siren, “Wee Woo, Wee Woo, Wee Woo!”

“You should really stay off that for a while. Keep it elevated,” Jen told Simon. The truth was, he would probably be fine, but Jen needed someone to help her stay sane, with all the craziness about her at the moment. She filled Simon’s glass.

Carson kissed him back and held if hand to her face tears of joy running down her cheek. "no im not you are, now that you got me back for it there will be no more of u trying to die on me" at his worda she looked at the orb and nodded "help me get him up." she said and moved to put his arm around her shoulders to help him stand.

Coop looked at his hands as if he were now one of the miracle workers in the group. But when he saw the orb, he knew he didn’t give that to Gus. So, the healing came from somewhere else. He smiled and shouted, “Well hallelujah, you’re back. Now let’s get our asses outta here and find the others.”

He heard gun shots. In a normal place, it would have directed them to the others. However, the sounds echoed and bounced off the cavern walls, they could be coming from anywhere.

“Carson and Gus,” Coop said looking at her, “look out with your radar and find Allison for us.” Thankfully, he was with them. Their extra sense could find the others.

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