On to the Stone

"Got some help from a friend." Gus told everyone, glancing over to where Vargas had suddenly materialized.

"Good to see ya guys again," Vargas said with a wave. "But now's not the time to celebrate. Jessica is at the heartstone, we've got to stop her."

Carsin smiled at vargas "it is good to see you again." then she grew simber at his words. Nothing good could come if that woman got to the heart stone first. She worried about nodia was she ok?

“It’s damn good to see you!” Hunter exclaimed.

“”Damn, Gus!” Coop’s eyes were wide as he looked over Gus’ gun. It looked normal, but that green blaze wasn’t. “Where can I get one of them?” he asked. “Always wanted a green flaming gun that killed unknown entities a million normal bullet couldn’t bring down!

“We better get to the heartstone,” Kelli thought aloud. She couldn’t wait to get a hold of the bitch that betrayed them.

Jackson looked over at Allison. “You okay?” He couldn’t wait to get this over with, take her out wining and dining, then back to his place for the nightcap, leading to a night of passion he’d been looking forward to since Area 51 a year ago.

“Better move on,” Jackson stated. “We’re low on ammo. We might have to rely on you guys!”

It had been around their fifth or sixth shot. Simon was feeling pretty good despite the situation. He chuckled and nursed his leg somewhat before looking to Dirty Dan.

"Tell me ya got some good prospectin' songs for us? Come on! Give us a song ya old geezer!"

Jen had just filled their glasses once again. She was feeling more comfortable with the situation. Even though the man across from her was hurt, he seemed okay. Still, she was sure she’d seen him before.

When Simon asked Dirty Dan the question, Jen rolled her eyes and placed a hand on Simon’s arm. “You had to get him started, didn’t you?” She shook her head and snickered. At least someone else is going to get a taste of the ol’ coot. Her hand stayed on Simon’s arm. The alcohol was making Jen feel flirty. A feeling she hadn’t had in a long while, since he ex left town with his tail between his legs.

Dan’s eyes lit up at the question. “Thought ye’d never ask, te-he-he!” Dirty Dan started to dance a jig as he belted out, “Oh, I dreamed a dream the other night, when everything was still,
I dreamed that I was carrying my longtom down a hill;
My feet slipp'd out and I fell down, oh, how I jarr'd my liver,
I watched my longtom till I saw it fetch up in the river.
Oh, what a miner, what a miner was I,
All swelled up with the scurvy, so I really thought I'd die.”

Maybe his singing will scare the ghosts away! Jen thought.

OOC: What’s happening with Miles and Isobel?

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