And You Could Have It All...

“We better get to the heartstone,” Kelli thought aloud. She couldn’t wait to get a hold of the bitch that betrayed them.

Jackson looked over at Allison. “You okay?” He couldn’t wait to get this over with, take her out wining and dining, then back to his place for the nightcap, leading to a night of passion he’d been looking forward to since Area 51 a year ago.

Allison nodded. "I guess... I dunno. Even after everything we've seen, what I've seen, it seems like reality keeps topping itself in the Weird Olympics." She sighed and saw the hungry look in his eyes. "When this is over let's just stay in bed for, like, a whole week. Order food, lay around naked, and just... not have to deal with strange shit!"

She could tell he liked at least part of her suggestion.

“Better move on,” Jackson stated. “We’re low on ammo. We might have to rely on you guys!”

"Let's hope Gus's magic hand cannon over there holds up to whatever we find next." Freddy said as he dropped his emptied SPAS and produced his trusty .38.

Gus looked to the orb in his hand and then to Allison, he handed her the orb. "I was lucky to get those shots in that thing to begin with, and my side is still hurting from being shot. Best you take it, Allison."

Allison nodded and, somewhat reluctantly, accepted the orb. She could feel the pulse of its energy surging through her. For a moment her eyes took on the cephalopodic look that Gus's eyed had for a brief moment.

"What the hell is this thing?" Allison asked Gus, hoping he knew the answer.

"Vargas says it's what will put an end to this mandala trouble once and for all." He looked to the apparition of his late friend who merely nodded.

"I thought the dagger was what we needed." Allison pointed out.

Gus shrugged. "It's in the hands of a crazy witch, and we went off the assumption the dagger was the answer on the word of a guy who covered up countless murders and tried to kill out friends. At least I can trust Vargas."

Allison shrugged. "Fair point. Though I feel this is a little convenient. You get shot and suddenly your dead friend shows up with the cosmic trump card."

"I'd call getting shot more than a little inconvenient." Gus made a funny face as he said that.

"Also a fair point." Allison nodded. She looked to the others before marching towards the door she suddenly knew was the route to the heartstone. It was like the pulse of the orb was quicker as she went in the right direction. "Come on, we've got a town to save..."


When Simon asked Dirty Dan the question, Jen rolled her eyes and placed a hand on Simon’s arm. “You had to get him started, didn’t you?” She shook her head and snickered. At least someone else is going to get a taste of the ol’ coot. Her hand stayed on Simon’s arm. The alcohol was making Jen feel flirty. A feeling she hadn’t had in a long while, since he ex left town with his tail between his legs.

Simon didn't notice Jen's hand on his arm, perhaps it was a mix of the painkillers and alcohol--which admittedly he had consciously opted to ignore the potential dangers of mixing said substances due to the state of affairs outside, if he was gonna die by ghosts he didn't want to die sober--but when he did he was surprised by his reaction.

This was because, as a hitman with a dark history and a lifetime of enemies, he'd grown accustomed to the solo life. He never had much of an interest in women as it was, which was one of many reasons why he had been initially hired by the Government to become an assassin. But again, maybe the mix of drugs and alcohol had jarred something loose in his brain, because he found himself looking at a very attractive woman.

As Dirty Dan serenaded the group, Simon's addled brain began to go down a strange avenue of thought. The sight of his most recent kills coming back and chasing him down the street, the betrayal of Vaughan, being chased after Castagnacci, and the mess that started all the way back when he killed Johnny Castagnacci. He realized... maybe all of this was a sign to turn over a new leaf?

Admittedly, life as a wildly paranoid hitman was exhausting. It wasn't easy driving around in a car rigged to explode on the off-chance that someone would try to put a bomb in it to blow him up. Or having to hide knives in his shoes and lockpicks in his cheeks.

And the less said about his butt gun the better.

He looked around at the people in the bar. Despite the situation everyone was surprisingly festive. He had never considered such things as fun, but right now, in the face of impending doom, he was having fun.

He made a promise to himself as he listened to Dirty Dan's song and felt the pretty girl's hand on his arm.

If he lived through this, he was gonna put his life of death behind him.


Nodia backed away from thw monster "im not with her" she explained "i dont want that heart stone, i was literally drug here aganst my will" inside she knew it was stupid trying to explain anything to this most likely didnt even understand her. Her back hit a stone wall behind her and her heart fell ti her feet. She staired at the monster with large eyes and just knew that was how it would end for her.

Except it wasn't.

A blast of green fire blazed through the air and smashed through the enormous knight. Allison stood at the entrance to the heartstone chamber, her sidearm raised as greenish smoke billowed from the barrel, which crackled with an unknown energy.

"Get away from her, you dick!" Allison bellowed, her eyes so distorted into octopoid irises that it seemed whatever force that shaped them that way was also darkening her eyelids and brow.

The others entered the room. Freddy was the first to notice the grim fate that had befallen Jessica.

"The witch bitch is toast!" He shouted, then turned to The Knight. "What the hell is that???"

"It doesn't matter." Allison said, her voice was twisted now, it practically shook the entire room as she shot at the knight again. "Just shoot it!"

As this was happening Gus leaned against a nearby pedestal and looked to Carson before looking to where Nodia was, scared out of her mind. He nodded to Carson to reassure he was fine without her help and said: "Go check on her."

The Knight stumbled backwards from the second blast Allison delivered it. In a rage it forced itself to recover and retaliated with a swing of its mighty sword which it brought down into the ground. Red light pulsed as cracks began to form in the ground near Allison.

Before she could react she was swallowed by a blood red light. Allison screamed and the ground caved in around her.

(OOC: Oh don't worry about Miles and Allison... We'll be seeing them soon...)

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