heart stone

As this was happening Gus leaned against a nearby pedestal and looked to Carson before looking to where Nodia was, scared out of her mind. He nodded to Carson to reassure he was fine without her help and said: "Go check on her."

The Knight stumbled backwards from the second blast Allison delivered it. In a rage it forced itself to recover and retaliated with a swing of its mighty sword which it brought down into the ground. Red light pulsed as cracks began to form in the ground near Allison.

carson went to the girl and wrapped her arms around her walking her back to were gus was and giving her soft reassurance. nodia was trying to drowned out the sound of gun shots behind them but wasn't having much luck, she looked up at gus as they got closer to him. "this is not my day man..i need a weapon or something" the sound of the monster made her turn.

Before she could react she was swallowed by a blood red light. Allison screamed and the ground caved in around her.

fear gripped her and she through her hand out a short "no!" ripping out of her as if she could stomp what was happening with shear force of will. it didn't stomp it, the floor still was caving around allison but what was strange was the monsters reaction he jerked as if nodia had slapped him in the face before facing her. she backed up into gus as they locked eyes, for a moment the thing looked confused and nodia could have sworn she could feel a strange power in her chest but then it was gone and the thing was back to normal. she didn't have time to think on it before he moved to them.
carson through a shield around the three of them just before it struck at them. "gus allison" she shouted as if he couldn't see what was happening.

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