Seeing Lonely Knights

The Knight stumbled backwards from the second blast Allison delivered it. In a rage it forced itself to recover and retaliated with a swing of its mighty sword which it brought down into the ground. Red light pulsed as cracks began to form in the ground near Allison.

Before she could react she was swallowed by a blood red light. Allison screamed and the ground caved in around her.

“Oh God! No!” Jackson could be heard above the gunfire. He frantically pulled at the rubble where the floor collapsed around Allison. Tears formed at his eyes. He couldn’t take losing someone else he truly loved.

fear gripped her and she through her hand out a short "no!" ripping out of her as if she could stomp what was happening with shear force of will. it didn't stomp it, the floor still was caving around allison but what was strange was the monsters reaction he jerked as if nodia had slapped him in the face before facing her. she backed up into gus as they locked eyes, for a moment the thing looked confused and nodia could have sworn she could feel a strange power in her chest but then it was gone and the thing was back to normal. she didn't have time to think on it before he moved to them.
carson through a shield around the three of them just before it struck at them. "gus allison" she shouted as if he couldn't see what was happening.

Kelli was disappointed the bitch Jessica was already dead. She heard her boss’s frantic cries, then turned her anger toward the knight. “You bastard!” she cried out as it looked toward Carson, Gus, and Nodia. She ran and gave it a flying kick.

Hunter had never seen his father this pained, suddenly had a sense of empathy for him. It was the first he had sensed empathy toward him. When Kelli spun away from the kick, Hunter began to fire as fast as he could until he was empty. “You fucking bastard!” he shouted. “Pick on someone your own size.” The Knight was head and shoulders above Hunter, but he was the biggest of the Jackalopes in the cave system. He knew he didn’t stand a chance, but he egged the knight on by throwing the handgun at him.

Coop was relying on Allison. She had the orb. However, when she disappeared under the floor they were standing upon, Coop thought all was lost. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “I thought that stone would protect her! What’ll we do now?”

He looked around at the people in the bar. Despite the situation everyone was surprisingly festive. He had never considered such things as fun, but right now, in the face of impending doom, he was having fun.

He made a promise to himself as he listened to Dirty Dan's song and felt the pretty girl's hand on his arm.

If he lived through this, he was gonna put his life of death behind him.

Dan kept his serenading. Even Daniel the ghost seemed to be enjoying the ol’ coot. Jen had made sure every table had a bottle of their choice on the house. It was the least she could have done to ensure everyone remain calm. Calm was a moot point, as everyone was drinking to the night the ghosts invaded. They were really enjoying themselves. It was good for future business.

Jen was about to pour herself and Simon another drink, when she had noticed the till was empty. She had to get them another bottle.

“I’m sorry,” Jen announced to Simon, “some bartender I am. I left us in dry. I’ll have to get another bottle from stock,” she said, gently rubbing his arm.

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