Chekhov's Dagger/Simon Hits The Melancholy Stage

“Pick on someone your own size.” The Knight was head and shoulders above Hunter, but he was the biggest of the Jackalopes in the cave system. He knew he didn’t stand a chance, but he egged the knight on by throwing the handgun at him.

Coop was relying on Allison. She had the orb. However, when she disappeared under the floor they were standing upon, Coop thought all was lost. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “I thought that stone would protect her! What’ll we do now?”

Gus stared at the hole where Allison had been standing. It didn't make any sense. He didn't see anything but what everyone else had seen. The orb was the answer, Vargas had said as much, yet it was gone, with Allison along with it. He looked to Nodia, then back to Carson.

"Guess we're at the point again, huh? Impending doom is here and it seems all hope is lost." He chuckled. "You know I don't think I've told you lately how much you matter to me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Carson. You know that right?"

Maybe it wasn't the time to tell her such things, but right now he figured it may be the last time to do so.

The Knight turned to Hunter and started to approach. The Knight towered over Hunter as it raised its sword to bring it crashing down onto him. Freddy unloaded his .38 into its armor but it didn't even seem to notice. He finally threw his own gun at the knight and missed it.

"Fuck!" Freddy looked around desperately for something else to use as a weapon.

He found it.

Just as the Knight was about to strike Hunter there was a loud scraping sound and the Knight let out a fiery bellow as it stumbled off to the side and started to clutch at one of its legs, revealing Freddy with a satisfied smirk on his face as well as the dagger Jennifer had stolen from them.

The knight was pulsing with fire and shrieked a metallic shriek as it tried desperately to stop the "bleeding" of whatever magical substance that seemed to be fueling it. Puddles of what looked like molten lava were forming from where the wound bled onto the ground. The Knight was visibly injured by the blade, it seemed.

Freddy let out a roar of triumph. "Stitch that one, Jimmy!" He shouted. Then he turned to Hunter. "Magic dagger! We still got the magic dagger!"

"Yeah! But he's got a big fucking sword!" Gus pointed out.

Freddy paused and nodded. "Yeah.." Then he looked at the Knight as the bleeding stopped and it turned to face its attacker. "Yeah... We're gonna need a plan here..."

Jen was about to pour herself and Simon another drink, when she had noticed the till was empty. She had to get them another bottle.

“I’m sorry,” Jen announced to Simon, “some bartender I am. I left us in dry. I’ll have to get another bottle from stock,” she said, gently rubbing his arm.

Simon smiled and nodded. "Can't go letting this end of the world party dry up now, would we? End of the world parties are the best parties, because they never stop! So the world won't end!" He looked to Dirty Dan. "Keep the music goin' Danny Boy!"

He looked to the ghost of Daniel. "Sorry you gotta be the designated ghost deterrent, otherwise I'd be sharing a drink with ya. You know... I don't recall thanking you for taking a bullet to the coconut on my behalf... I'm sorry you had to do that." He let out a small burp.

"Shit... I think that's the first time anyone's ever done that. Shit did you even know who you were saving? A lousy hit man! Hehe... Just a no good... trigger man for mobsters and government agencies with enough cash to keep me comfy." Simon shook his head. "Oh... Oh... Would you have done it if you knew? Honestly I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. I mean... I'm a killer. But if you find me on your doorstep, odds are you did something that brought me there... Hell I dunno, maybe I'm just making excuses. Fact of the matter is... all these years of killing... you get to liking it. I did. For a long time. But now it just tastes stale... "

He continued to prattle on... not entirely coherent enough to notice when Jen returned with more drinks.

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