Heart stone

He looked to Nodia, then back to Carson.

"Guess we're at the point again, huh? Impending doom is here and it seems all hope is lost." He chuckled. "You know I don't think I've told you lately how much you matter to me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Carson. You know that right?"

Carson smiled. Just like gus and her to wait tulk tge worng tines to tell eachother how much they love eachother. She stepped forward and kissed him. "i love you gus...more than all the galaxys"

Freddy let out a roar of triumph. "Stitch that one, Jimmy!" He shouted. Then he turned to Hunter. "Magic dagger! We still got the magic dagger!"

"Yeah! But he's got a big fucking sword!" Gus pointed out.

Freddy paused and nodded. "Yeah.." Then he looked at the Knight as the bleeding stopped and it turned to face its attacker. "Yeah... We're gonna need a plan here..."

Carson loomed at nodia " we need you to do what you did before" nodia looked at her confused. "what i didnt do anything" carson looked t gus. "you saw it right? For just a moment she stopped him for just a moment....if she could do it again...just long enough for freddy to land a killing blow we may have a chance here." nodia shook her head "i didnt...how could i?" carson looked at gus for help they really didnt have time for this.

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