Into the Unknown

Gus stared at the hole where Allison had been standing. It didn't make any sense. He didn't see anything but what everyone else had seen. The orb was the answer, Vargas had said as much, yet it was gone, with Allison along with it. He looked to Nodia, then back to Carson.

Jackson didn’t hesitate. He dove into the hole where Jessica disappeared. He had to find her; protect her; hold her. This whole adventure was suddenly becoming a nightmare for him. It seemed that those with the sight were always going to be a target. At this moment, he wished the sight hadn’t chosen Allison.

Freddy paused and nodded. "Yeah.." Then he looked at the Knight as the bleeding stopped and it turned to face its attacker. "Yeah... We're gonna need a plan here..."

Hunter looked at Kelli, who had an idea to target the wound to see if it would open back up. She made her move and kicked at the wounded leg. It always worked in the MMA, but this guy didn’t seem real.

Coop ran to Nodia braced her shoulders in his hands and looked her in the eyes. “Look! My buddy Daniel saw something in you. That’s why he always wanted to go to the diner!” Coop looked her up and down. “And frankly, I can understand why! One fine lookin’ woman! Fine lookin!”

Coop had to clear his thoughts to get back to his original thought. “Whatever You did, we need you to do again! Daniel believed in you! I believe in you! Hell, we all believe in you!”

Coop turned her to face the knight, still bracing her shoulders from behind for support. “Now go to it! Do your thing! Give it to ‘im! Any time, now!”

you get to liking it. I did. For a long time. But now it just tastes stale... "

He continued to prattle on... not entirely coherent enough to notice when Jen returned with more drinks.

The ghost Daniel shook his head in the affirmative. He, himself, knew what it was like to be a hired killer. The only difference, Daniel was sharpshooting sniper in the military. The effect was still the same. Eventually, you became numb to the fact that you took a life.

Daniel reached out and touched Simon. He empathized with him. The touch was meant to be healing.

Jen returned hearing the last few words. She slid in the booth next to Simon, placing his wounded leg upon her lap. She was really feeling tipsy and was enjoying it. The ghosts didn’t bother her anymore. She was more relaxed. She actually needed this for a long time.

“Hopefully,” she said to Simon, “this isn’t stale then. This is a bottle of the good stuff.”

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