The Gravity of the Situation

"Jack???" She was surprised. Then she deduced why he was here. "Did you dive into a dark hole to little old me?" She chuckled and turned him over so she could plant a big damn kiss on him as they ascended.

Her lips felt right. If they weren’t in the middle of a crisis, Jackson would’ve taken her down right there in the hole. Then he noticed, they weren’t going down anymore; they were going up. And, either he was losing weight, Allison had superpowers besides the Sight, or the laws of gravity didn’t apply here.

Jackson shook his head. [I]The hell?[/i] Not that he minded being in her arms, but Jackson would rather be holding her in his.

“You know, I read a book title Antigravity. I found it hard to put down.” Jackson laughed at the pun, then teased with a smirk, “When this is all over, we’re staying in bed for a week!”

Coop was looking down inside the black hole, into which he had seen both Allison, then Jackson disappear. He saw some motion a good ways down inside it, but wasn’t able to make out what it was.

“Oh Lawd! There’s something coming up that hole!” he shouted, eyes wide.

“Hopefully, dad found Allison and is bringing her back,” Hunter thought aloud, hoping that to be true.

Kelli placed a hand on his shoulder to console him. “Those walls go straight down. They have no climbing gear. They can’t scale that; it’s too deep.”

“It must be another guardian,” Coop guessed, aiming a gun down the hole. “She has the green blaster too, didn’t she?”

"Now, I know you're confused, scared, and just want to go home I bet. But right now you got something that hits that knight pretty hard. We need your help, Nodia. I believe you can do this! Me and Carson, and the rest of us Jackalopes down here. We got your back on this. We believe in you! Now fight!"

Nodia covered her ears every one telling her to do something she couldnt rang in them. They had lost their minds. She shok herhead as they continued to incoriage her. "stop it! Just stop!" she yelled closing her eyes tight.
Again the monster moved like she had slapped him and stood still. "nodia look!" carson shouted and moved next her "look look your doing it!" nodia slowly opened her eyes and picked up at the monster it was not moving. A strange buzzing sound was in her head and her skin was warm. Carson leaned over and spoke softly to her " what ever you are doing. What ever you are feeling hold onto it because thats whats working" nodia tried to focause on the warm feeling and suddenly it was like she felt it coming from in her veins, her heart. She glanced back at gus and the group.
The feeling of a force bushing back her made turn around. The monster was moving again. She focused on the warm feeling again ad willed him to be still and he was but she could feel the thing fighting what ever she was doing. "ok...ok....but im not sure how long i can hold him" she said trying to be brave and ty calm.

Coop looked to Hunter and Kelli. “Guard this,” he requested. “Imma gonna give some encouragement!”

Coop went to Nodia’s side, put his arms about her shoulders and started to shout. “Now that’s Sexy! Keep it up! Your confusing him! Come on, Sexy!”

Simon, for the first time in a long time, finally relaxed. He offered his glass for Jen to pour him some of that glorious liquid courage and he smiled.

Jen looked into Simon’s eyes. He looked so kind. For once, Jen was comfortable with a man, besides her boss and his friend. She was still a little leery of Freddy, being ex-monster and all. This guy seemed nice.

Jen filled their glasses. Dirty Dan has too much. He was now on top the bar, doing a jig.

“Dan,” Jen laughed, “you’re gonna hurt yourself!” She couldn’t believe she was having fun with Dirty Dan. She couldn’t believe she felt safe and secure with all that was going on outside. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it as if it were a tourist attraction. Each year, they’d have to have a ghost night to celebrate.

She gently massaged Simon’s leg on her lap and looked into his eyes. He had a kind face.

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