Tieing the knot

The Jackalopes stepped out onto the bright sunlit day to a clear sky and a soothing breeze that felt more calming than any other they had known. As if something in nature had been corrected after eons of being wrong, the town was experiencing a sense of peace unlike anything it had known since its inception.

Gus looked to Carson and Nodia. He wondered what was up with the girl, she showed power that he didn't expect, yet now it radiated off of her clearly to his eyes. He looked to Carson, he smiled and was thankful for her. She had helped pull him back from the brink of death, it seemed she was a master of besting the Grim Reaper, and knew that he was blessed to have her in his life. And he knew then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

He'd been unsure, no that wasn't it, he'd been anxious about admitting it to himself. Even though he had bought the ring ages ago and had been carrying it ever since he hadn't worked up the courage to ask her. This felt as good a time as any. He wasn't sure if she understood the human custom of marriage, but then again it seemed to him like most people didn't get it either. In either case, he was gonna give her a crash course right there on the steps.

He produced the ring and bent the knee and looked up at her and hoped she wasn't going to put a sour end to this victorious day.

Nodia had never been so hapoy to see a street in her life. Never wanted to hug a pot hole...she actually wanted to go to the diner. She smiled as the sun hit hr face. "i need to go home....i need to take a shower and eat...try to sleep this days has been.....i dont even know honestly" and she turned to leave with a small wave.
Carson waved watching her go then turned to gus she gave hime a confused look when she saw he was kneeling and worried he might be hurt....then she saw the ring...it took her e moment but then she remembered this was one of the ways humans bonded and made a commitment to one another and that it was very special.
She grinned at him and waited for him to asked already knowing her answer.

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