The Scouring of The Sanctuary

Six Weeks Later...

The Sanctuary lay in ruins. Embers from a hundred fires filled the air along with smoke and the smell of death. Charles River Dawn Lewis crawled across the ground, his bluish blood seeping into the dirt in a trail that ran behind him. The sounds of his people being slaughtered echoed across the empty desert.

Charles coughed up blood and choked as footfalls approached him slowly and methodically.

"I know your pain, grey." The voice of Nate Castagnacci came, cool and unemotional. "To watch your people die and to know you can do nothing to save them. It is a pain I know all too well."

Charles coughed and turned to leer at Nate. "Do you expect me to apologize? To feel regret?"

Nate used his foot to kick the dying grey over onto his back. "Not at all. After all, I will not regret this. Nor what is to come."

"You lost once... you will lose again." Charles said, nursing the wound in his abdomen.

"I survived. You won't." Nate said.

"They'll stop you." Charles said. "I have faith."

"Faith is a primitive emotion, you should be beyond such silly things."

"It was your people's lack of faith that was their undoing. Faith that these people could be more. And it was their undoing. It will be yours." Charles said.

"I will fulfill my people's dying wish. And when this planet is wiped clean of this human garbage, I will rebuild the Kakabel anew. Now that I know what lies at the heart of this town, I can remake them." Nate said.

"The Rift won't respond to you. Your eyes are closed." Charles chuckled.

"I will open them." Nate knelt down and put his hand on Charles's head. "I will show you how..."

"No... No!" Charles shouted before Nate "consumed" him. He smirked and stood up.

"This place will be nothing but ash in no time." Miles Daniels said as he approached Nate. "None of these saucer-huggers will be left alive."

Nate frowned. "The Grey had someone here. Someone they were hiding. Find him and kill him."

"Sure thing," Miles nodded.


"You've got to go now!" Winston told a large figure that was wrapped in a thick brown cloak. "They're coming and you've got to warn the others. Don't let Charles's sacrifice be in vain!"

The figure nodded and followed Winston out of the tent. There was a small red car waiting at the end of the dirt road. The cult's one and only vehicle meant for getting the few essentials they needed that they could not make themselves. Winston opened the front door and handed the figure the keys.

"You're not coming?" The figure asked.

"My path ends here, I'm afraid." Winston smiled. "But not my journey."

The figure nodded and took the keys. Starting the engine and quickly driving down the dirt road and into the desert.

Miles appeared behind Winston. Winston turned and smiled at him. "You're too late. He's gone."

Miles didn't say anything, he just produced a silver rod from his jacket and flicked it in Winston's direction. There was a small pulse of purple-ish energy which reduced Winston to a puddle of protoplasm. Miles stared at the dirt trail kicked up from the fleeing vehicle as it settled back down onto the desert floor and spat before turning back to relay the news to Nate.


Isobel kicked over some debris as she sauntered through the blasted remains of the Sanctuary and nodded in approval. She was eager to get out of this dump. She looked to Nate and smiled. She knew it wasn't the Nate she had dated. This was just something in Nate's skin. It insisted on being called Nate, if only out of convenience, but it wasn't Nate. Nate wasn't that confident, nor cruel. Yet Isobel had come to like this thing that she called "Nate."

It had showed her things, the truth. And it had showed her a new goal to strive towards. Nate had given her purpose.

"They're all dead, Nate." Isobel said to It. "Not a single soul living in this weird ass cult."

Nate nodded. "Good, that's one threat eliminated. Now we just need to find them."

"Who?" Isobel asked.

"Your old friend, Allison. And the man known as Gus. They are the key. We get to them. And at last we can put and end to all of this."

The mention of Allison made Isobel grimace. "She's not my friend."

"Good. Because we will have to kill her." Nate told her.

"You let me go after her, I assure you I will kill her." Isobel said with firm determination.

Nate smiled. "I wouldn't expect anything less of you."

Then Miles approached. "He got away." He told Nate.

Nate sighed. "A shame, that means we've lost the element of surprise. But it's a minor inconvenience."

More men, former gangsters who had sworn loyalty to the man they believed to be the resurrected son of Castagnacci, soon gathered near and notified Nate of the same news both Isobel and Miles had already relayed: everyone in the Sanctuary was now dead.

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