The Last Holiday

Freddy Falcone set his little yellow golf ball in front of the Windmill of Doom and readied himself for the putt of his life. The last six weeks had been rather eventful. And today was Freddy's first day off in a long time. He'd earned some down time after helping save the world yet again, as well as bust open the big case involving his former client, Jessica Nelson. Turns out the revelation she and most of her law firm were part of a secret coven who conducted a number of illegal activities had led to quite a lot of press, with Freddy at the heart of it.

While the invasion of ghosts had been covered up by Allison and the feds as a chemical spill from a crashed train (all staged of course), the press had focused mostly on Jessica and her coven, and had tied the death of Mayor Baker to her as well. Still, the popularity of the case had proven to be a surprising boon for Freddy who had a number of new cases thrown his way.

But now was a day for relaxation and basking in some well earned success.

Freddy tapped the golf ball and watched it roll through the windmill's blades and into the hole behind it. He whooped and marked the score down on his card then turned to Simon who was wearing a gaudy red Hawaiian shirt and khakis along with a blue baseball cap.

"Don't know why you insist on going incognito," Freddy said to Simon. "Everyone thinks you're dead, and your new identity is solid."

"Can't help it, old habits and all..." Simon said as he set his ball down and readied his putter.

Simon had managed to get himself a new identity with help from Freddy and some old friends Freddy knew. Now, Simon was going by Jeffrey Odenkirk, a humble manager at the new Whataburger that was part of the new mall that had been built in town. Again, this was all due to the increased "tourist" activity brought in by the new star port. Aliens from across the universe were now flocking to Jackalope Crossing, the new port for Earth as it had been officially inducted into the interstellar community. Also human tourists were visiting the town on their way to Vegas.

"So you gonna see Jen later today?" Freddy asked.

"Yeah, heading down to the bar after we finish up here." Simon nodded.

Love was blooming in the desert, it seemed. Freddy smiled at Simon and chuckled. Seemed everyone was gettin' with someone. There was Gus and Carson, who were planning on getting married. Then there was Hunter and Kelli, and Allison and Hunter's dad. Soon, it looked like Freddy would be the last bachelor in town.

Freddy tried not to let that bother him much. Yet the news about Gus and Carson had stirred up feelings in him he'd never had before. For most of his life, Freddy had considered himself to be a free bird, not one to get tied down.

That was before he found a home here.

Now... now things were different. Everything was changing.

Simon tapped his ball in, it bounced off of one of the windmill blades and rolled back to his feet. "Damn..."

"It's cool," Freddy smirked. "Just means you're buying the beers when we head to the Cactus."

A few minutes later Freddy and Simon entered the Prickly Cactus and went up to the bar. The place was lightly populated at the moment, and the two went to the bar and sat down.

"Hey!" Freddy shouted. "Two beers, my friend here lost to a windmill, so he's buyin'!"


Allison untangled her sweaty form from that of Jackson's and went to the kitchen to make them both some coffee. She didn't even bother putting on clothes, she just strolled through Jackson's place with nary a care in the world. The air conditioned draft was ice cold on her damp skin but she liked the feeling.

After everything involving the mandala and having to cover up the ghost attack to the public Allison had decided that both she and Jackson were in need of a holiday. So the last two weeks had been dedicated to one thing: Going at one another like a pair of wild animals, and occasionally showering and ordering food, as well as sitting in front of the TV and binge watching shows.

She grabbed a slice of day old pizza from the box on the counter top and returned with it and two mugs of coffee.

"Here," she handed one mug to Jackson and smiled. She wouldn't say it to his face, but Jackson had kept up pretty damn well for an older guy. "So... what's on the agenda for us today?"


Gus glanced through a wedding catalog for the millionth time while standing behind the front counter of the video store. Things were finally looking up after all the craziness. And with the new "airport" and the mall and everything things were starting to get even busier around here. But all that was small potatoes compared to trying to make this wedding the best he could for Carson.

He looked over at her and smiled. "So... what sort of cake did you want?"

It was a funny situation in that neither he nor Carson really knew what to do in order to throw a wedding. Gus never assumed he'd ever get married. There was a time he had no interest in romance, even. So when it came to trying to figure out just what kind of ceremony they wanted he found himself looking as befuddled as she usually did when introduced to a new human concept.

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